after the death of carson

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It took mouths and mouths for Michael to start talking to anyone.his parent tryed thereape,but it didn't go down know in movies people who die ethier go to heaven or hell. Well,I didn't go to hell.I went throught the golden gates.

I saw all the people who pass on.some of them were very little boy and girl look like they were 4 to 5 years old."I wounder what happen to them?"I said to myself."their parents beat them to death.its truely sad really"the guy said looking down at me.

"Why?and who are you?" I asked him."my name is goerage and those children had a horrible,horrible night just...killed them"he told me."that's horrible I don't think I can even stand that".

"what did you die for?" The guy asked me."I had cancer and...I didn't take care of myself"I told him in a sad voices. "oh,well look at least you weren't left in a buring building to die".he told me" and you were?because I'm sorry"I told him concerned.

"Son,I need you to talk to us.its been 6 months so please". His dad told him.he just shoot his head and turned then left.he couldn't deal with this now,maybe someday but not now,not today.

I went to school but it still didn't feel the same.I mean,Carson used to always come near my locker.he doesn't do that anymore because he's gone,and he's not coming back.the wrose part is that I've no friends.the only friend I had was Carson.

" god,this is so hard.what am I suppose to do now Carson?now,that your gone from my life.I have nothing left for me".I told I walked down the what feels like the gate way to hell.but I guess you can call it."the gate way to the figure"but it really didn't feel that way to me.

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