micheal at school

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"Hey,Michael how are you holding?you know,with all this" vexy ask me."not,good I...I still miss him you know".I told her with a sad look."look,you know what the doctor said right you don't need to be stress this much.and you know thats right"vexy continue. "But at least your parents still got you and your sister" vexy finish.

"No.she not living with as she got kick out.or,in other words...ban" I told her slamming my locker shut and looking it back."oh,um...well...that's not good"vexy told me sounding confused.

We started walking down the hall."yeah,I know right".I told her with a chucle."its nice to see that simle of yours again"vexy told me similing back."so,how did she get kick out by the way?"she ask me.I histaded for a few minutes but then answer her."she got three in the oven"I told her still straght head.

"woo,so she's peragent with three kids". She told me in a whisper."yeah,why?I mean,its nothing to me but to her it is". I told her then I ran into Sam." hey!watch it buddy!people are walking here!"Sam yelled.

"you watch it Sam!you know what you watch it sam and,yes I did repeat that" vexy yelled.I look at her with surprise. I usually never see her like this,...fired up like this.I personally think that it's Carson's death.I mean,I don't blame her,I miss him too.

but there's no-reason for her to do that to Sam.I mean,he did have a reason to yell at me.to,emberassie him in front of the whole student body.thats just out of line on her part.

I look around and then back at her."vexy,really...just calm down okay"I ask her in a low not mess with you"vexy said angerly."at least,stop the yelling.I know you miss Carson but taking it out on Sam.won't help,it at all you know"I told her.

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