left at the school

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I looked at vexy and Sam then back at the street."sam,do you have your phone?"i ask him a concerned voices.I heard him open his backpack and ruffle though his backpack."got it!and OK,I'm going to call fang.to see if he can come pick us up"sam said holding the cell phone to his ear.

The phone rang for what feels like ages.then someone final picked up.it sounded like Eric but who knows who picked up.the good thing is someone at least picked up the phone,knowing the collions they never up the phone."hellio who this?"Eric question.

Sam let out a breathe and then spoke to Eric."this is Sam Jones we were wondering if fang could come pick us up because the bus left"Sam explain in a nerious voices. "Fangter is not in at the moment because he's training.but I guess can come pick y'all up" Eric explained.

"Can you,can you meet us up at the counter where the shell is" Sam directed."cool,I can do that.but your gonna have to wait there 'k"Eric told him."oh,OK we will I promise "Sam said.then the call ended and he look at me with joyful eyes.

" Eric's coming to get us and I told him that we'll meet,him at the shell up the street"Sam explain. Then we started to walk up to the shell.when we got there we waited,and waited for Eric.he finally came and we left in his car,well fangs was standing out on the porch.

He was drinking a routebeer and listening to his mp3 player but,be didn't seem very happy.I look at Eric"what's up with fang.I mean,he looks upset"I told him looking scared."derrick must have done something"Eric said confuse.

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