the fight

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"fine!fine!then your coming home.and I'm taking care of you"." See what you think then!"."dad!caught him!hurry!"then fang just fell off the bed and hit his stumiet on the side or corner of the desks.he let out a scream in of pain before hitting the floor.

Edward almost caught him but he was out of his reach.Eric caught him at the last minute and slowly picked him up."fang are you okay little brother?"."fang,please just rest okay ".then fang leaned his head on Eric arm." Its okay little brother I'm here and I'm never ever leave you again".(coughing hard)"I'm...I'm...sorry.I...I want to go home"."okay,go to sleep alright".

"son,give me your little brother"." he's human and he has right!"."he was a choice you know!you maybe our dad but your not our boss!"then he but sad way."dad,Eric's right.fang does have a choice".

"Mr Collins their right".then he threw me to the wall and hellded my neck.I started coughing and so bad that I couldn't breathe." vexy!dad stop this,this is not right!"he started losen my neck but not that much,I was still cought hard.

"please,dad just...let him go"."and why should I do that?"he helded my neck even heard by this time I was on the edge of uncongiosness. my eyes started to close." fang.somebody hel..p".by then I was uncongiosness and,I felt like I was on my death bed.

Then my neck was releast and I felt someone holded me."micheal.Michael buddy please.wake up Michael please".it sounded like my cousn.I opened my eyes slowly."fang?"he's right here."are you okay Michael?"(coughing)I felt something cold on my neck.

"I feel so dizzy"." That's because you just wake up"."now,do you want me to call your dad and mom".I nodded my head and try to get up but I was too weak."no,just stay there okay"."okay I will"."Mr.and Mrs. wade micheals been hurt bad"."okay we're on our way".

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