micheal is dieing

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My parents begin to worry."Michael!Michael wake up!baby please wake up!Thad!do something I'm not about to loses him!"."the only person that can help now is Mr.Collins"."fangs father?but why and how"."why because he used to be a doctor.and this is the only way to save him".

"I know but he almost killed him"." I know your worried and I know you don't want to lose him.but this is the way".then door opened it was my brother Carson."son?your alive?"."yeah,dad I am.Michael? Michael?! Michael!dad?what's wrong with him?"my dad let out a breathe."it was fangs dad David"."you let him near fangs dad?!fangs dad will kill...".then he looked at me scared.

"no!!!please Michael wake up!" he broke into tears and hit his head against my chest.which was now still and he had apart of my shirt.Eric,Edward,and their whole family ran through the front door.all of them looked up.even Carson with tears running down his face."Carson?"then they looked at me on the couch.

"Can you save him?" Mr.Collins took my hand and put it on my stomiet along with my other one and slowly move forward.he close my mouth and slowly moved to my neck and slowly roded my neck.he moved to the back of my neck.then slowly pulled out his hand away."I...I can't I'm sorry.I didn't mean to kill him.I was just trying prove a point to my sons"."what?you mean can't save him".

"fang?please your the only one left"." I...I"."fang please I'm asking you!"he looked at my dad and then his dad."go head he's your friend".then he walked over and my neck and slowly press on it"."(coughing)dad?mom?".

"oh,my gosh Michael your okay"." Oh,mom?Carson?is that really you"."yeah,its me are you okay?"I graded my neck and started to sit up but all I felt like is throwing up."mom.trash can...(start to throwing up)".I was so lucky.

I clean myself up and looked at them,all of them.it was dead signlices until I coughed again.then it went all crazy or down hill from there.they were all hugging me and stuff.it was so weird.I mean,so weird but I love them.

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