finding the culprit

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(shelbys POV)

we arrived at an old shack I was confused "why are we here?" i asked destiny "I dont know it doesnt look like the facility I saved you and michael from" she says "are we going in there?" perla asks I nodd "hey destiny" "yhea" "when is diana going to get here?" i asked destiny she looks at her watch "in about an hour" she says "ok text her or call her to meet jhona at perlas house and to hook up her computer I have questions and she has answers so lets go in" I say we all hold our shot guns and go inside the shack theres nothing inside but theres a door i open it my mouth dropps open I put my gun away "this is where you met michael?" perla asks me "yhea only its not the same it use to be old and wared out now it looks like as if you had traveled in time in 20 years it was so new and futuristic" I say "but remember shelby its still the same facility so everything they do is still the same in what order did they put michael and his siblings in" destiny told me I tried to remember "they used to tell me to put the kids in order from alphabetical order the doors represent the number of their ages the battles are in order from letters I know ow where to go follow me" I say I run past doors I stop at number 16 "destiny kick the door open" I say she nodds and kicks the door open I hear screams but they cant be michaels I see 2 little kids hugging each other and crying "its ok I'm from the police your going to be ok" i say its a boy and a girl "they said they were going to make us fight we dont want to fight" the girl says "ok uh perla take them back to the car if diana isn't there stay with them ok" I say "ok common kids" she says she carries the boy and takes the hand of the girl "destiny call for back-up we have to get all these kids out of here especially the ones that are in fights right now ok" she nodds and calls for back-up "wheres michael I thought you said he'd be in this room" destiny says "well thats his age isnt" i say "yhea but you have to think like morgan will" she says so i do that then it hits me "when you rescued us that day michael was 15 years old so if my theory is correct then he is in room 15 instead common" i say me and destiny run to room 15 destiny kicks it open I look at destiny were too late they took him in for battle" I say "keep your radio on I'll call you when I find the door to the battlefield" she says and runs off I go inside the room where i see lila's lifeless body I look at the pool of blood around her a clear shot to the head then i see soomething theres dropps of blood beside lila's blood I knew michael was there he's hurt *shelby shelby you there* *yhea I'm here did you find the door?* *yhea get over here* *ok* I say and leave the room

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