pregnancy and ALCOHOL

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(shelbys POV)

"b...but aren't you not supposed to drink when your pregnant" i stammered to perla (she wants to go to a bar when shes pregnant) "dont take the wrong way its meant for you guys like a get back together kind of thing and dont worry I'm not going to drink neither is my fiance only you guys can drink" she says as we walk back to the crime scene after about 2 hours there we still couldn't figure out who the killer was I mean we were going to a bar that night with a psychopath was on the loose doesn't that sound great im excited.

(that night at the bar) (perlas POV)

we were all laughing and making jokes abou random stuff that has happened to us over the years i was staying away from the beer since i was eight months pregnant and my husband (jhona) was staying sober destiny asked me (fyi totally drunk) "so how many months do you have left?" "well destiny since you asked so nicely I'm 8 months pregnant" i say so all day we were there michael and shelby were dancing like fools to the song alone together destiny and diana were going outside thats when i told jhona we should get going (just to tell you I dont know what happened while I was gone cuz shelby and michael stayed in the bar shelby told me that she wasn't that drunk and that she would just drive to the hotel later and me being stupid let her) I got destiny and jhona got diana I pushed destiny in the backseat of the car jhona told me to come help with diana since she kept screaming "BLOODY MURDERER BLOODY MURDERER" we finally got her in and drove off I could only imagine what was happening with shelby and michael (I hoped she was ok).

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