Thinking the plan through

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if you just picked this s book off a random list then you probably don't know whats going on so let me catch u up on details first of all me name is michael I'm 15 years old I have 2 sisters qnd 1 brother. well me and my siblings were kidnapped and brought to a place where they make you fight with other people its actually a game called human strength. Me and my family managed to escape but not before meeting shelby she helped us escape and realized that are own mom and dad were the ones that sent us to that horrible place so yhea. Destiny an F.B.I agent that helped us alot and i mean alot she recruited me as an intern to the F.B.I and helped her capture a traitor that basically worked in a.....strip club yhea and literally worst experience in my life believe me. So destiny said that meghann the traitor will only last a day there but thats all she needed right about midnight meghann sneeked in jazmins and James's room she drugged jazmin and carried james to destinys helicopter and got away with them so lets how it ends.

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