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Run and Rescue

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Destiny,shelby and diana were heading toward the facility to rescue MY BROTHER AND SISTER even I can't believe it. So I sneaked in to the jet when destiny wasn't looking I'm now hiding in the back behind some boxes.

should I even tell destiny I'm back here I thought or should i wait till we get there. I heard footsteps coming towards me it was shelby she turned around and screamed then she started throwing stuff at me I yelled "SHELBY CHILL ITS ME CALM DOWN!" she stopped and said "Don't scare me like that your lucky I didn't have a gun" destiny came up to me and said "can I knock him out tie him up and leave him here when we land" "what!?" I ask as I got up "hey no offense cuz I told you to stay" "I know but I had to come" I said I was about to argue some more but Something hit me on the back of my neck and I passed out.

When I woke up we had already landed but my hands were tied up and my head was hurting alot "never disobey my orders again" destiny said gtting off the jet and locking it behind her "no wait destiny please let me help" i said but it was no use she had already left. I should have just stayed with lila I thought to myself then i got an idea.

Destiny was in the corner about to enter a room where she'll give shelby and diana a signal to jump in and shoot everybody destiny s back is to me I tapped her shoulder she rapidly turns around and slaps me "owww" I say "what the heck you don't tap someone when there alone in a dark place the first thing they will do is shoot you in the face without knowing who you are or caring like i always say shootvfirst and ask questions later" she says "sorry tell me what to do to help" I say "go help shelby just dont distract me" she says. I walk around and see shelby crouched down looking carfully through a window I walkbup behind her and whisper "shelby" she turns her head and then punches me in the face "owww wht the heck you saw it was me" I said "hey your not the only one thats hurt that actually hurt my fist" she said "and who sneeks up behind someone in a dark place" she said "sorry" I said then I looked up through the window and I saw jazmin and james "is that.." i began to say but shelby cut me off "yes I know just be quiet" she said

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