not everything is tragic

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(michaels POV)

we all walk in shelbys room she's on the bed sleeping she wakes up when we come in she smiles "I was going to have twins" she says her voice still a little hoarse I was surprised "I'm going to go talk to the doctor" perla says and leaves I sit in a chair next to shelby "their still alive" shelby says and puts her hand on her stomach "but I thought...-" but just then perla comes in smiling "michael the doctor says the knive missed the twins by an inch shelby and the twins are going to be all right" she says I give shelby a kiss on the fore head "are you planning on keeping them I know you dont want to get hurt by them but look you could have lost them today but you didn't if you ask me the universe gave you a free pass for them to live with their parents" i say "michael I'm sorry" she says "for what?" I ask "lila is dead we found her body in the room the other kids were sent to the police station to track their parents" she says "yhea I know about lila I will miss her but she prefered to die she didnt want to be here anymore she wanted to go with jazmin and james" I say shelby nodded "ok your right I'll keep the twins but with one condition" she says "what is it?" I ask "promise me we'll never move to the suburbs" she says I laugh and nodd "great I'm going to get fat in a few months" she says I laugh atleast almost everything went right (2 months later) (michaels POV)

"you know when shelby is strong enough we can head over to my house to visit elliot" perla says "I could go now I feel better and besides I'm getting tired of laying down" shelby says trying to sit up "well you cant go like that destiny here *tosses car keys to her* go turn on the car meet is in the entrance" perla says opening a wheelchair in the corner I carry shelby and set her down we all walk to the entrance where destiny is waiting for us I carry shelby in to the car we drive to perlas house to see elliot.

When we got there perla got off first I looked through the window and saw that the door to perlas house was wide open "oh no" I say "what what happened?" shelby asks me "someone broke in to perlas house" i say

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