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(shelbys POV)

we landed in the airport of california finally I was getting tired of the plane we headed to a hotel destiny booked for us we unpacked and just hanged out for awhile I dont know what got michael so upset maybe he got grossed out cuz of the pictures of the body no hes seen far more gross things than that (even if it was an overkill for the victim) I just hoped he wouldnt get like that when we headed to the crime scene I folded my clothes and put it in my drawer in my room (we all had separate rooms cuz destiny told me there I no lemon ALLOWED whatever that means)

(michaels POV)

I went to go unpack my clothes I hope we weren't going to the crime seen anytime soon I dont want to see that body again we were supposed to meet up with aysllon and someone else but I didn't know who. well so much for my luck of not seeing the crime seen cuz we were headed that way so much for not pucking in front of the team.

we headed to the crime scene and there in the sidewalk were aysllon and another girl which was probably shelbys friend waiting for us shelby was standing right beside me I looked at her she kept chewing on her nails I took her hand from her mouth she looked at me "you ok?" I asked her "I dunno I havent seen perla in a long time I dont even know what she looks like" shelby says just as i was about to say there no need to worry perla comes up to us I look at her in suprise since basically (she was pregnant) I didnt notice it because when I saw her she was facing backwards "michael why dony you go help destiny I'll be right there" helby told me I do as she says and walk over to destiny.

(shelbys POV)

me and perla just started laughing when we stoped she said "I wish i can hug you right now but I dont think the baby will let me" "I havent seen you in such a long time and your preagnant uh let me guess your married right?" I asked her she nodded "I missed you and everybody for a very long time oh and hey who's that boy who was with you let me guess bf?" she asked me I nodded "you know what?" I asked her "what" she said "lets go to a bar tonight" i say

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