requiring old tricks

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(michaels POV) (back where it all started)

morgan stopped the van in front of an old shack "it doesn't look the same does it" she says "even though your here I still cant trust you" she says "what?" I ask then suddenly morgan stabs me with a needle on my leg she injects something in me "never trust anyone thats my motto" she says but I can barely hear her as I slowly fall asleep.

(morgans POV)

I'm going to need help carrying him inside I get out of the car and get a guy big enough to carry the kid inside so when we go inside I put handcuffs on him "wait outside I'll tell you when to bring the girl in" I say the guys wait outside I had to wait at least half an hour for michael to wake up but i waited finally he woke up

(michaels POV)

"uhhh what did you give me" i say kind of weak "just a little medicine to help you sleep" she says I'm handcuffed and sitting on the floor "you remember when you had to fight to save the people you loved right well my job is to make you fight again" she says walking in circles around me "good luck with that" I say my voice still hoarse "you were one of our best players" she says "awww you flatter me even though you made me kill other kids for you you made me ruin lifes for other families for my family that at the end there were only 2 people left" I say "if you dont cooperate with us your family is going to be demoted to only one survivor" morgan says I look at her confused "bring her in guys" she says two guys come in pushing someone inside it was lila she was also handcuffed the guys pushed her in they sat her next to me "will give you guys a minute since you haven't seen each other in more than a year now right" morgan says and everybody gets out "you ok?" I ask lila "yhea I'm fine......michael I'm really scared please i just want to go home I dont want this anymore I hated that safe house I didn't see you for more than a year I didn't if you were ok or not or if you were dead" she says with tears in her eyes "dont cry your going to be ok I promise I sent you to that safe house because you were in danger I didn't want to loose you like I did with jazmin and james" I say with guilt "I know but you dont know how I got there in the first place thats why I hated it because I thought I would never see you again I was scared after a year I decided to escape but then these people found me and brought me here" lila says "I'm sorry I love you too much your the last person of the family I couldn't risk it" I say

(lilas flshback) ~lila's POV~
I was cleaning up the kitchen after michael and destiny come back with shelby and diana I want them to see the kitchen clean suddenly I hear stuff breaking and the stomping of feet I run and go hide in a closet I'm scared to death but I pull through when the noise finally stops I get out of the closet but with no warning someone comes up behind me and covers my mouth with something that smells strong I feel my head getting light my eyelids heavier and heavier until I fall asleep......when i woke up I was in a room that was entirely made out of foam like the ones I've seen on tv in an insane aysllon do they think I'm a carzy person why did they bring me here I go to the corner and bury my face in my knees and start crying a year had passed not once i heard a word from michael I was so worried that he was already dead ~flashback over~

" michael why didn't you send me anything when I was in the so called safe house" lila asks me "because destiny wouldnt let me" I say "do you know how they treated me there?" she asks me I shake my head destiny didnt tell me anything nothing" I say "they treated me as if I was crazy like a crazy.psychopath I WAS TAKEN TO AN INSANE ASYLUM FOR GODS SAKE MICHAEL I CANT I CANT DO THIS ANYMORE I WOULD PREFER TO DIE THAN GO THERE AGAIN" she yells that was when morgan came in with a gun in her hand I knew what was coming "WAIT" I yelled but I was too late morgan pulled the trigger and shot lila my mouth dropped open "she said she would rather die so I granted her that wish" morgan says "why would you do that I was going to fight I was you said you wouldn't hurt her if i did" I say "yhea but she would just get in the way I just fixed that guys get him on a battlefield and clean this up I dont want any blood on the floor" morgan says "I'm not fighting for you I'm not going to kill more kids for you" I say "awww you actually think you have a choice" morgan says she takes out somekind of device she presess it and I feel a sharp pain on my wrists its not until she lets go of the button the pain stops "dont make me use my new toy again I hate wasting its battery" morgan says my wrists burn like if you had set them on fire "I hope you can still swing a sword or pull a trigger of a gun with those hands" she says I nodd "cuz remember if you don't shelby and your little baby will be dead in your arms little by little I'll torture your precious shelby if you dont do what i ask you to" she says "ok ok i get it just please dont hurt shelby please I'll do what you want just dont hurt her please" I say standing up she laughs and says "guys get him to a battlefield but wait I want to ask him something" morgan said the guys pushed me down on my knees in front of morgan I looked up at her "tell me michael what weapon are you going to use?" she asks me I think for awhile and say "a sword" "good choice use it wisely" she says the guys pull me up and push me out of the room what did she mean by use my weapon wisely I had to think this thing through if I dont I'm good as gone and I'm not leaving that easily

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