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(michals POV)

I woke up in my bed with a tremendous headache "~yawn~ I shower and change clothes as i walk back in my room I realize what I did last night and OH MY GOD destiny and perla were going to kill me I run to my bed and shake shelbys arm until she wakes up.

(shelbys POV)

I feel someone shaking my arm and my fast reflexes make me fight whoever is doing it so I stand up as fast as hell and slap the first person i see I look on the floor "sorry but now you know that i have fast reflexes" i say to Michael who's on the floor "do you know.....what happened last night?" he asked as he stood up and sat on the bed I shook my head "but i have a terrifying headache and....." I got cut off of the vomit coming out of me I ran to the bathroom and stayed there for awhile.

(michaels POV)

what am i going to do if i tell her shes going to freak then kill me and the ~shelby comes walking back this time in some clean clothes~ "~yawn~ what the fuck happened last night I want to know" she says sitting on the bed I sigh "umm well we did drink alot and...." perla kicks the door open and yells "DONT YOU DARE SAY ANOTHER WORD COME HERE" she grabs shelbys arm and pulls her out of the room I sit there on my bed totally confuse.

(shelbys POV)

" what the heck is wrong with you?" i ask perla "you dont remember anything from last night do you?" she asks me I shake my head "michael was about to tell me" I say "well now he doesnt have to i recorded the entire night at the bar on my phone were putting it on the tv get michael and come to the living room" she says and runs off (I'm confuse and sick to my stomach I wonder what is going to be like)

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