getting back on track

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(shelbys POV) (back at perlas house)

(everybody is in the living room drinking coffee and talking about the murder case but not to loud we didn't want to wake elliot) "so my first question is why are you a witness to this crime?" I ask perla "well it all happened so fast I dont know what really happened" she says just then elliot starts crying "I got it" jhona says and leaves "ok tell me what happened that day of the murder" I say perla nodds and begins to tell the story

(perlas POV)
shelby: where were you at?
perla: I was in the park walking home from the store
shelby: ok your walking home was it dark did you hear something?
perla: yes it was dark I heard something on the other side I walked over to it thats where I saw someone stabbing someone else
shelby: can you tell if it was a woman or a man?
perla: yes it was a woman she had on kind of like a coat
shelby: a lab coat like a doctor?
perla: yes the victim was a it was a man
(conversation over)

I looked at destiny she gave me a nodd "thanks perla we know who it is now" I say "who?" perla asks I look at destiny then at her "its morgan a crazy lunatic whos job it is to kill michael" I say "she almost did once too" destiny says "I think I know where shes headed" I say I look around the room for michael but hes not there "wheres michael?" I ask destiny "he said he was going somewhere cuz he didnt want to bother you" she says "shit there a psychopath on the loose and he decides to go somewhere without telling us" I say in rage" "its michael what do you expect" destiny says sarcastically "and dont get worked over to much it'll be bad for the baby" I sit down and try to relax "whoa whoa why didn't I know about this shelby how could you" perla says "I'm sorry I meant to tell you but it never came to mind" I say with guilt then out of nowhere perla starts hugging me I hug her back and say "we have to find michael if we dont he's as good as dead" I say

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