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Heading to the airport

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(michaels POV)

I walk in to the living room and see eveybody yelling at eachother I walk up to them "hey.....hey guys.....SHUT UP" everybody turned to me "whats going on?" I asked "nobody told him ugh aysllon already left she to meet her in california we have to start packing or we'll miss our flight which acording to me leaves in 1 hour" destiny said after that we all went crazy and started packing gear clothes and everything we finished in 30 minutes flat the airport was 20 minutes away sobwe had 10 minutes to catch are flight when we arrived at the airport we had 5 minutes to get to the plane we ran all the way there and got on board "phew we made it just in time" destiny says in relief "hey guys I've looked over the investigation we were asigned and check this out" shelby says showing some pictures on the little table in front of us (oh by the way we were the only ones in the plane F.B.I. passes let us in

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