crazy mad scientist part 2

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"exactly what will happen if morgan gets away with it?" diana asked shelby as they ran to save laura "well I really dont know what will happen but I do know one thing mad scientist plus experiment equals crazyness that I assure you" shelby said.

Meanwhile in morgans laboratory laura was strapped down on a table (now in form of a puppy she changed back) "now my greatest acomplishment will be finished" morgan said all of a sudden laura saw shelby and diana about to go in the room she started turning in to a human she was just so happy to see them alive she already knew that the girl with the collar was her sister she remembered that day they got seperated

~flash back~
(lauras POV)
~diana is covering my ears even thought i can still here the gunshots i know that mommy and daddy are dead she always thought that she was the one that had to protect me even though we were the same age.
people came in my room they hancuffed my hands and dianas they pushed us downstairs where I saw my mother and father dead before my eyes I wanted to cry but diana told me "its going to be ok laura just be brave ok" then a man hit her so she would be quiet they pushed us outside where i saw 2 vans i got pushed in one and diana in another i never thought i would see her again~
~end of flashback~

laura shook her head and cleared her head morgan turned around and said "well I guess your ready" she was holding a needle in her hand she started injecting it in lauras arm "what is that?" laura asked "something to transfer your life in to them" she said morgan pressed a button and a table rose up shelby couldnt believe her eyes neither could laura "who are they?" laura asked "the 2 children i fond in the ruins in one of the facilities and the woman I found her in the same place pretty cool huh" morgan said "shelby you go on around back and get laura I'll distract morgan" diana whispered shelby nodded and headed to laura "hey your that girl from the plane" laura said "shhh be quiet im trying to rescue you" shelby whispered "ahhhhhh!" diana screamed shelby turned around and saw diana on her knees trying not scream her head off and morgan laughing at the site of her shelby looked at laura then at diana she couldnt decide who to rescue and once again faith had an answer to her question.
(michaels POV)

"destiny what are you doing your going to..." I started to say but then we crashed in a building "crash" I said "hahah oh common that was fun" destiny said "no no it was not" I said "well maybe this will teach you to have fun" she says as she handcuffs my hand to the steering wheel "WHAT THE HECK" I yell destiny runs out of the car loaded with weapons I try to look for shelby and instead I found my past it was.....jazmin and.....james my mouth dropped open I had to get out of there but I couldnt destiny had the key "DAMMIT DESTINY" I yell then I see shelby and destiny and diana

destiny has a shot gun in her hand shelby was carrying a crossbow in her hand and diana also had a shot gun destiny got in the drivers seat I was across from her shelby and diana were in the back "GO GO GO GO GO" shelby yells destiny backs the car up and we race out of there about 5 minutes later (BOOM) the whole lab explodes I sigh cuz my brother and sister got blown up......AGAIN.

(back at the hotel) (shelbys POV)

I sigh and hesitate a little before going in michaels room I finally get some courage and knock on the door michael opens the door and says "oh hey shelby" he says "I have something for you" I say I take it out of money pocket and say "I got it before I got out" michael takes the bracelet and says "she never took it off" "it was her favorite bracelet?" I ask him "yhea jazmin never took it off one day she almost lost it but eventually james found it for her since then they were inseparable I still cant believe their gone" he says I smile and say "their happy though you know why?" "why" he asks "cuz they dont have to suffer anymore I know its hard but you got pull through ok I know your sad but you have to let them go" I say he smirks and says "ok" we hug and watch a horror movie in the living room.

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