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Jazmin was laying down on table hooked up to machines people passing by her carrying trays james was also on a table hooked up to things. I felt angry and frustrated I wanted to kill every person in there but shelby must've seen the look on my face because she told me "dont even think about it going in there will just mess up the mission" "dont you see we dont know if there still alive I have to go in there" I demanded "no for 2. reasons 1. destiny has a plan she'll give me a sign then we go in and 2. i swear I will beat he crap out of you if you sabatosh this mission" she said. Finally destin gives the signal I had never seen diana shapeshift before so when diana tirned in to some monstrosity she started killing left and right it was pretty amazing destiny and shelby had AK-47's and started shooting everybody when it finally stopped we all catched our breath "woo that felt good!" destiny yelled jumping up and punching the air in victory me and shelby ran to jazmin and james we unhookd there machines and took out there I-vs I shook James's arm telling him "james wake up please wake up" "were to late" I said I kneeled down to the ground "I told you I had to go in there before it was to late" then destiny said "I'm sorry michael" "for wha.." I began to say but then destiny hit me on the back of my head and knocked me out.

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