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( 1 month later)

(shelbys POV)

I'm pacing back and fourth in the hospital waiting for news about perla and the baby I cant believe she went in to labor so fast I still remeber it was so suddenly

(shelbys POV)
me and perla are walking out of the department store "I cant believe these boots were on sale" i say "you have to know when and where to look" she says we walk to the car when i hear perla scream shes sitting next to me in the car "my stomach hurts" she says "when are you do?" I ask "in a week" she says "I'm taking you to the hospital here call jhona and tell us meet us there" i say and start driving perla calls jhona
perla:honey can you meet me at the hospital
jhona:why what happened you ok?
perla:I think I'm in labor meet me and shelby at the hospital tell destiny diana and michael to come to
jhona:diana is not here she went to dallas for a convention of manga but I'll get the others I'm getting in the car right now be safe ok love you bye
perla:ok baby see you there love you bye
perla hangs up the phone and we drive to the hospital.
~flashback over~

its been 2 hours since perla was checked in to the hospital jhona arrived 5 minutes after perla was in the room destiny and michael arrived a few minutes after jhona I was about snap but finally the doctor came out.

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