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(perlas POV)

I run inside the house jhona would never leave the door open like that as I walk in I see all the books were thrown off the shelves papers were everywhere it was a mess I run to elliots room hoping she was there I look in her room everything is in place even her toys her crib was empty "no no no please no JHONA ELLIOT JHONA DAMMIT" i scream I kneel down on the floor destiny comes in the room "is she here?" she asks I shake my head "SEARCH THE HOUSE FOR ANYTHING" destiny yells and leaves "destiny get over here i found something" shelby says I run over to her she was in my room I hear crying under the bed "elliot" I say under my breath shelby reaches under the bed and pulls out elliot she was crying she hands her to me "oh thank god" i say as I kiss elliot "destiny can you feed her while I talk to shelby" i say destiny leaves with elliot and i ask "we found elliot but where the hell is jhona do you think something bad happened to him" i say worriedly "I dunno but if it did not to worry you but we have 36 hours to either find him or find the body" she says my mouth dropps open "no please no" I say sitting down on the bed i cried while destiny michael and diana went to the police station to figure out where jhona went shelby and other police men stayed with me ready for the phone to ring demending for a ransom to get jhona back i was so worried hours had passed by and no calls had been made finally after 5 hours of waiting the phone rang i picked it up

me: hello

kidnapper: who is this?

me: where jhona?

kidnapper: tell me about you and elliot how old is elliot?

me: why do you want to know ow about elliot tell me where jhona is

kidnapper: tell me how old she is?

me: 3 months old

kidnapper: did you find her?

me: your the one who put her there

kidnapper: maybe now listen cuz I'm only going to say this once I want 15000$ get in a car and take elliot with you if you dont jhona is dead get in the car put the money in the trunk go to 5643 elk s.t put the money in a bag and carry it in front of the car I'll meet you there if i dont see elliot with you I'll kill jhona

me: let me hear jhona please i want to know if he's alive

kidnapper: fine but if you want to hear him I want to hear elliot

I cover the phone with my hand and tell shelby to bring elliot shelby nodds and brings her to me I carry elliot

me:ok i have elliot in my hands now let me hear jhona

kidnapper: let me hear her FIRST then you can talk to jhona

me: ~gurgle sounds~

kidnapper: good I'm going to give the phone to jhona ~he passes the phone

jhona: honey you ok

me: yes were fine are you ok?

jhona: yhea I'm fine honey I love you and elliot so much you know that

me: ~starts crying~ yes i love you too

jhona: promise me something sweetheart that when you get here your going to kill this son of a bitch ahhhh

me: jhona jhona??

kidnapper: you married a wild one perla

me: why are you doing this?

kidnapper: cuz i want you to feel the same pain you made me feel when you abandoned me

me: what are you talking about who are you?

kidnapper: clever but I wont break that easily if you ever WANT to see jhona AGAIN alive you will show ME that you will make the ultimate sacrifice for jhona ~hangs up~

I put the phone down as the police rewind the tape see if they missed anything I run to my room crying being careful not to dropp elliot

(shelbys POV)

"you think we'll find him?" I ask destiny she shrugs I sigh and run to perlas room

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