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Finally the gun shots stoped "is everyone ok?" destiny asked "yhea" shelby said we stood up "I thought..." I started to say but couldn't I literally couldn't a hand covered my mouth and a gun was pointed to my head shelby,destiny and diana looked at me in shock destiny backed away a little "DONT MOVE!" it was girl i couldnt believe it this was going to be easy i can take a girl I tripped her with my foot and she fell to the ground the gun landed in front of destiny what a suprise the girl tried to sit up I ran behind the jet grabbing shelbys hand and pulling her with me destiny grabbed the gun and said "who are you and what do you want with michael?" "dont you remember me" the girl said she pulled out something from her pocket it was a small bomb she took the safety pin off and said "its my job to follow him and just so you know you have exactly one minute to live" the she throwed the bomb to me and shelby and ran destiny ran to me and shelby got the bomb and threw it in to the bushes "RUN GET OUT OF HERE!" ahe yelled I grabbed shelbys hand and ran almost making her fall destiny ran behind us then BOOM...BAM...BOOOM the bomb exploded me and shelby fell to the ground she fell first and i landed on top of her "you ok?" i asked she giggled and said "yhea but it would be better if you actually got ff of me" I smiled I was about to stand up but destiny pushed me off of shelby and kept yelling "no lemon no lemon no lemon!" i laughed I looked at diana she was on the ground laughing her head off. "how in gods name are we going to get out of here?" I said "cuz im not staying here if theres a psychopath on the loose" then destiny said "you almost got blew up and your worried about that crazy girl" "that fwi almost tried to kill me if you havent noticed" I said "what ever" she said. destiny tried to fix the jet bit she was missing a tool to finish the job so she send me to go find one since the tools were scattered all over the place I figured it wouldnt take long to find one. I walked for awhile then I tripped over something a rope was tied around my foot i looked up "oh no" i said then WHOOSH I was hanging upside down from a tree great i thought then I heard shelby yell "MICHAEL WERE LEAVING DESTINY FIXED THE JET SHE FOUND THE TOOL SHE NEEDED" I yelled to her "SHELBY UP HERE" she looked up and yelled "ughh michael your an idiot you know that!" "can you plaese just get me down!" i yelled back shelby sighed took out her machete and cut me loose "ahhhh" i yelled and I hit my head on the hard ground "you couldnt do it anyless harder could you" i said "nope now common were loosing daylight" she said. We walked back to the jet diana was picking up some stuff off the ground "what took you so long?" destiny asked me I sighed and went to the jet "he fell in to some trap and I had to get him down" shelby said destiny laughed so did diana screw them both I thought we went inside the jet and destiny lifted it off the ground and we flew out of there and we went back tto the hotel (oh by the way forgot to tell you destiny booked a hotel for us to stay at lila was already there and meghan went to colorado to study for a job she was applying to i dont know about the other meghann thats whats bothering me)

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