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movie night with a fight

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(shelbys POV)

"ok so is everybody ready?" perla asks we all nodd and start watching the video (perla hooked up her phone to the television and puts play) as i watch the video my memory starts coming back and i realize what me and michael did that night but what was i thinking I know i was kind of drunk but not that much "OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE" I yell and run to my room with perla and destiny following me.

(destinys POV)

shelby runs off and i chase after her i go in to her room shes on her bed sitting down "whats wrong?" i ask her sitting down on the bed "I just realized what i did with michael last night" she says "let me guess....lemon?" I say she nodds i stand up and she asks "where are you going?" "remember the knife throwing game we played at my birthday I think I'm going to miss on purpose this time" i say and head to my secret stash of weapons in my room (and yes I do keep it in my room dont judge)

(perlas POV)

I see destiny leave shelbys room I grab her arm and ask "whats wrong with shelby?" she sighed  "lemon and I'm going ti kill him" she says and runs off to shelbys room I sit down on the bed with her "its going to be ok" I say she didnt say anything "I think you might...." i say but destiny cut me off "DESTINY WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PUT IT DOWN CUT IT OUT!" I heard michael yell I heard a gighle from shelby then came the burst part what destiny yelled "YOUR DEAD YOU DID LEMON WITH MY BEST FRIEND AND YOUR ASKING ME WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG!" me and shelby laughed "I got an idea" i say "what?" shelby asks "we should go film destiny and michael and post it on youtube" I say "I got a better idea" she says

we go in to mi haels riom where I see destiny chasing michael with 3 knives "DESTINY STOP" shelby yells destiny stops and asks "what?" "I heave a deal for michael and you" shelby says "what is it?" Michael asks I pull out my phone and start recording "michael you have 2 choices either destiny can slap you 10 times whenever she wants or she could play the knive throwing game again choose if you dont choose now destiny will choose for you" shelby says destiny smiles evily michael looks scared either way he hesitates then he says "I choose the...slaps" shelby nodds destiny says "ok how many do I have again?" "10" i say "this is going to be good" she says

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