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crazy mad scientist

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"common diana work with me here" shelby demanded diana was so worried about the voice she was trying to recognize thay she didnt realize shelby was talking to her "DIANA!" shelby yelled finally diana snaped out of it "what what is it?" diana asked "what do you mean what is it I have been asking you to help me untie the rope so we can get out of here and save laura" shelby said (which fyi is being held captive by morgan) "h...how do you know thats laura I never told you about her" diana studderd "I know I should have told you sooner I looked at destinys old files and found out what happened to both of you" shelby said with guilt n jer voice "im sorry I should have told you sooner" shelby said "thats ok now common I'll help unte you then you untie me" diana said with determination.

"got it" diana said after a few minutes shelby sprang up and started fixing her hair "what are youdoing untie me" diana said "hang on...got it" shelby sad holding a hair clip "whats tgat for?" diana asked as shelby started untying her "this is the key to our escape" shelby said remembering the time that she used the same skill to escape the prison where Michael and her met she snapped out of it and started picking the lock "YES" shelby said as the door opened "im an expert at picking locks"she said diana and shelby started making there ways through the hallways and stairs diana hoping they werent to late. Meanwhile in morgans lab morgan was strapping laura(now in the form of a human) to the table across from meghann(the stripper) and jazmin and james.

"Are you sure we can leave lila alone at home?" i asked destiny "umm about that" she said "what what did you do?" I asked "chill ok i was meaning to tell you I sent lila to a safe house in boston" she said "you did what now?" i asked "I didnt want her to get hurt like...you know what and besides you should be thanking me" she said "yhea I should" I said all the way there I was thinking if shelby was ok dont get me wrong I was worrying about diana and lila to but I feel like me and shelby had a connction that day we kissed when we were in the facility but i wasn't sure maybe I'll never know but it didnt matter right now the only thing that mattered was saving shelby and diana.

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