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Meeting laura...shapeshift style

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in the jet I was sitting in the back with diana she was finally telling me her story "I lived in he country with my mom and dad and sister 8 years ago one day i was in my sisters room playing then I heard gunshots and pounding of feet i got scared I told laura to hide but it was to late men entered the room they handcuffed me and laura and pushed us downstairs there i saw that they had killed my parents they took is outside there were 2 vans I gotpushed in to one van and laura in to another i never saw her again after that i spent my days in labs being poked by needles and being forced to drink who knows what after I escaped I met destiny and became friends" "how old was your sister?" i asked "oh we were both 8" she said "im sorry i had no idea" I said "hardly anyone knows" she explained I smiled and said "ill keep it a seceret dont worry" she smiled back and thanked me. we went back to the hotel late so we all went to bed i slpt soundless until i heard destiny yell "STOP LET THEM GO!!" I jumped to my feet and ran outside once I got there i saw the jet taking off in the distance I ran to destiny she was on her knees almost about to cry as soon as I out my hand on her shoulder she stand up and punched me in my stomach "~cough cough~ what the heck" I said my voice horse "do you ever listen to me" she said angrily. "yes unfortunetly" i said "what happened?" i asked "some lunatic came and took shelby and diana" she said "that sounds familiar considering that SOMEBODY BURNED THEM ALIVE" i said "can we not talk about that please just focus on bringing shelby and diana back" she said. destiny and me went to the garage and got a jeep that we took to go save shelby and diana and soon to be new member of the team.......keep reading and find out.

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