battle begins

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(shelbys POV) (in destinys car heading to michael)

we're in destinys car headed to who knows where to who knows what I feel someone grab my hand I look at perla and smile "have you thought of a name yet?" perla asks me "I dont even know if its a girl or a boy" i admit "well what name do you like if its a girl?" she asks "I like lucinda or luce for short" i say "and a boy" she says "adam or another name like that" I say "I know your worried about michael I know how you feel" she says "no you have it worse that I do you have a husband and a baby to worry about I have a boyfriend to worry about thats nothi g alike" I say "you dont just have to worry about michael you have to worry about you your carrying a life with you and yet tou risk it to save michael thats pretty brave of you look at me I left my 5 week old baby with a paramedic I barely have anything to worry about" she says I smile and think what if i loose everything including michael and my baby.

(michaels POV)

the guys pushed me in a room the handcuffs automatically fell off my hands my wrists had a red line around them I walked around the room it was all white "WHAT THE HECK WHERE IS MY WEAPON AM I EARLY" I yelled *just wait your weapon and the battle will appear shortly* I heard morgan say through the intercom surely enough my weapon appeared in front of me I picked it up I waited for my opponent to come a door opened someone came in he stopped he was holding a crossbow *the battle will begin in 5...4...3...2...1...NOW* and the battle began

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