meeting another ELLIOT

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(shelbys POV)

finally the doctor comes out and says "its a girl you can come in" we all go inside perlas room perla has the baby in her arms "she beautiful" I say as she hands me the baby "whats her name?" destiny asks perla looks at jhona then at us "her name is elliot Clifton remember destiny and we have other news you and shelby are Elliott's godparents" she says I smile and start laughing as I hand elloit to destiny "I remember in my book college adventures I had a locket for my elliot I could give it to her but I dont have it" destiny says a little depressed perla yawns and I tell her "get some rest we'll stay here with elliot" "thanks" she says and falls asleep destiny was sitting on a chair with elliot jhona was beside perla and I was nervous as hell michael comes up to me "you ok I know its going to be hard but dont you want what perla has a family if lila was here she'd be like crazy with the baby" he says "can we talk outside?" I say he nodds and we get out of the room "let me tell you the thruth I dont want this baby" I say "what?" he ask "I cant be a mom and an F.B.I. agent I cant fight or look for a psychopath with a baby on my back or maybe I dont want to get hurt by the baby just look at destiny she just wrote a book with a daughter who die in her arms what if my baby is a still birth" I say "your no thinking of...-" he says but I cut him off "no I'm not thinking of that I got a better Idea I'm already a godmother so is destiny but she deserves more when I have my baby I'm going to give it to destiny she can take care of it I cant my life is to dangerous for the baby" I say "if that's what you want I'm ok with it" he says hugging me at least now we can get concentrated on the murder case cuz its been a month (since the F.B.I. gave us a month off and no other people were killed but we had to get back on track.

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