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baby wolf=new friend

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"what are we going to do?" shelby whispered to diana "I dont know...for the first time in my life I dont have a plan" diana whispered back "HEY BE QUIET BACK THERE OR YOU'LL REGRET IT" morgan said shelby was going to keep on talking but the look on dianas face stopped her it was useless both of them were tied up and diana had a special shock collar on that didnt let her shapeshift so the only thing they could do was wait and hope that michael and destiny would find them.

One night while shelby was sleeping she heard a whimper like a puppy she opened her eyes to see a baby wolf on jer lap the puppy was all black except a few shades of neon blue on her ears "hi" shelby whispered the puppy just tilted its head "oh no you cant be here how did you get in jere anyway?" she asked in a low voice "GOTCHA" morgan yelles as she put a cage over the puppy and kicking it over to a corner "you cant do that its just a puppy cant you just let her go" shelby said waking up diana "and your just a human and I didnt kill you right but I could have" morgan said she held a knife to shelbys throat shelby looked down and saw that she had on a badge "your name is morgan?" shelby asked "what do you care huh?" morgan said swiping the knife against shelbys cheek shelby shrieked and the puppy howled "YOU SHUTUP" morgan yelled shelby wa son the ground trying not to cry then all of a sudden the strangest thing happened the puppys cage burst open appearing a girl "leave her alone" she said "whos going to make me?" morgan said "take one more step and I'll kill her" morgan said holding the knife against dianas throat the girl sighed and turned back in to a puppy morgan grabbed a rope and tied it around the puppys throat she tied the end of the rope to a pole in the jet "you'll be the first one to go" she says diana couldnt keep her eyes off the puppy now because she knew she heard that voice before but she couldnt remember where.

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