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(michales POV) (in the park)

I walk outside so I wont interrupt shelby and perla with their conversation how can shelby not want the baby I know we were drunk when we did it but she would just give it away like that I still remember what she said
~I cant fight or chase after a psychopath with a baby on my back~ ~destiny deserves more I dont.... she can have my baby~

and me being stupid said that it was ok how can I be such an idiot to do it while I was drunk dammit dammit dammit I sat down on a park bench to think things through someone tapped my shoulder I turned around and they hit me with a pipe I fell they came up to me I got up I looked at them it was morgan "what do you want you know your wanted for murder and kidnapping" I say "duh I know but I have news for you michael it will be a shame if you came all this way for your whole family to die your younger brother and sister died your mother and father betrayed you and died and last but not least your sister lila" she says "you dont anything about lila" I say backing away a little "no I dont know everything about lila but I do know shes not safe I escorted her from that so called safe house piece of cake actually if you want to see her alive I would suggest coming with me" she says blackmail of course my head was bleeding but I was fine I nodded and went with her we walked to a van and I got in the passenger seat and we drove off I hoped shelby wouldn't look for me if she gets hurt I swear I'll kill whoever gets in my way.

(shelbys POV) (back at perlas house)

"what do you mean do you think the murderer is after michael" perla says with concern "we dont have time to tell you everything ok but destiny we have to go wheres diana?" I ask "shes still at her convetion but I'll call her to meet us here" destiny says going outside "I'm going with you" perla says before I go outside I turn around "no your staying with your family I dont want you to get hurt" I say "I'm going no matter what you say" she says she goes to a cabinet and takes out 2 guns and a bullet proof vest "I kept it ever since I retired now is the best moment to use it" she says "you go with destiny he probably went to the park I'll meet you there" she says and runs upstairs probably to say goodbye to jhona and elliot I smiled and left I knew she would do this thats what I was scared of

(perlas POV)

I run to elliots room where I see jhona with elliot on the rocking chair he looks at me confused "w..why are you dressed like that?" I look down at my vest jeans and shirt with guns by my side "this is what happens when you mary an F.B.I. agent" I say he nodds "promise me you'll come back safe not in a body bag" he says I laugh "I promise I wont leave elliot without a mom" I say I give jhona and elliot a kiss and go hopefully that wasn't the last time I'll see them I thought and went to the park with the others

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