heading to the hospital

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(shelby POV)

I go to destiny where she found the door michael was in "ready?" I asked destiny she nodded and opened the door we go in to see that theres no one there "there probably getting more kids" destiny says we put up our shotguns and go to a table with a bunch of lights and buttons on it "can you figure out how to open this I'm pretty sure i cant" I say "sure I guess" destiny says while she figures that out I figure a way to get in the room "hey shelby get over here" destiny says I go over to her she presses a button a screen comes up and I see michael fighting someone else "he cant go on like that forever we have to stop this fight" I say destiny presses a random button and i see michael and his opponent on their knees "destiny press that button again" she presses it I go to the intercom and say *michael its me stop the fight right now* *shelby how did you get here morgan is here go you cant be here right now get out now* he says then suddenly I feel as if someone is behind the I hear it "turn around my gun is loaded and i will shoot both of you if i have to" morgan says I keep my finger on the intercom so michael can hear everything.

(michaels POV)

I look at my opponent "I know you want to kill me but my girlfriend and baby are out there please I'll put down my weapon see" I say and put down my weapon "sorry but my brother and sister are out there too and they told me that if I didn't kill you they would kill my brother and sister" the kid says "whats your name?" I ask "Jack" he says "its ok my friends are with the F.B.I. they can get us oit of here all of us" i say "michael" shelby says but not throught the intercom I turn around "shelby you cant be here" I say "you....~pointing at shelby~ are my brother and sister all right?" my opponent says I stand in front of shelby "your brother and sister are all right they were the firsts ones out i promise their outside with one of my agents I promise their safe" shelby says my opponent lowers his weapon I walk over to my opponent to ask him if theres anyway he can his side of the door "MICHAEL" shelby yells I turn around I see morgan holding a knive against shelbys throat "how did you get passed destiny?" I ask "hahaha let's just say that I waisted my last bullet on her" she says "just dont hurt her please" I say

(shelbys POV)

morgan has a knive against my throat "michael its..-" i say but Morgan cuts me off "SHUT UP" morgan yells in mt hear "you know michael if you stay here she can go but when the baby is born he or she will be like you a fighter" morgan says "when is this going to end you've taken everything from me my brother and sisters my dreedom my safety and now my baby" michael says I get an idead if i can trip morgan I can grab michaels weapon and make an end to this so I do it I trip morgan she falls I crawl over to the sword I turn around and stab morgan but she gets me aswell I take my sword out of her but her sword is in my stomach michael runs to me he tries to take out the sword but its stuck suddenly the police fill the room and threatend to shoot michael I tried to say something but the pain wouldn't let me

(michaels POV)

my hands are covered in blood they think i did this "GET ON THE GROUND NOW" they yell I nodd and put my hands on my head and kneel to the ground one of them comes to me and cuffs my hands and takes me outside I dont even know if shelbys allright they take me outside where i see perla she runs to me and the cop "whoa whoa he's an F.B.I. agent let him go" she says the cop uncuffs me I wait till shelby comes out she finally does and i get in the ambulance with her "the.....baby" she says hoarse " its ok your going to be ok" I say trying to calm her down shelbys phine starts to ring she wants to get but i get it first I turn it on its a text from destiny

destiny: u ok where are u?

me:its michael me and shelby are in an ambulance she got stabbed by morgan heading to the hospital meet us there

destiny: HELL NO me perla and diana heading your way

me: ok

we arrive to the hospital s I cant go in shelbys room since she had to go to an operation I'm in the waiting room for awhile then perla deatiny and diana come in "wheres shelby?" destiny asks "shes in the operating room I havent heard from her "we ha e to wait dont we?" perla says "we have to wait" diana says as she sits down on a chair after 4 hours of anxiety and waiting the doctor finally comes out.

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