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(michaels POV)

I was in the van with morgan not knowing where I was going or if lila was ok or dead but I had to try to get her back I hesitated before I said "where are we going?" "were going back to the place where you met your girlfriend" she says "how do you know about her?" I ask "oh I know everything your gonna have a baby soon about 8 months you have a new friend perla isn't she has a new baby a husband michael I'm not an idiot I know my stuff" she says

I was surprised and scared for shelby at the same time "whats the matter cat got your tongue" she says sure I keep my mouth shut but just when I need too. finally we arrive its the same place where I met shelby where my parents betrayed me now I was back at the beginning now even more dangerous.

(shelbys POV) (back at the park)

"so tell me is michael in any way out of his mind" perla says "no but he cant walk that fast" I say "picture yourself in his mind" perla says "how michaels brain is totally empty" destiny says "not the time destiny" I say I hear her laugh we look around the park for awhile finding whatever we can find "HEY SHELBY GET OVER HERE I FOUND SOMETHING" perla yells from the other side of the park I run to her "whacha find?" I ask she puts on some gloves and picks up something from the ground she hands it to me it was a wallet I open it and see some business cards cash then I come up with something I sigh "its michael" I say pulling something out of the wallet "how can you tell?" perla asks I give her a slip of paper she looks at it the starts laughing "when was this?" she asks me "that was when destiny had turned 16 years old I invented the game the knive throwing game where michael was blindfolded and against a wall as destiny would throw knives at him" I say "I took that picture while we were playing it I know hes alive if they wanted to kill him why didn't they do it here why take him back where his worst memories at" I say "thats just it they want him to suffer before they kill him we have to keep you and the others safe cuz there probably after you to" perla says "what I dont get is that theres no sign of struggle michael knows how to fight he would if they had threatend him" I say "what if they him go cuz of a reason that he couldn't take" she says I think for awhile then it comes to me "I think I know why he didn't fight back" I say "why?" "2 reasons me and the baby and lila" i say "ok I know about you and the baby but who's lila?" perla asks "lila is the only survivor of michaels family destiny sent her to a safe house a year ago maybe who ever got michael is blackmailing him with lila and me" I say "where do you think he/she is headed it has to be somewhere hes been before" perla says "I know where they took him back to the game" I say "what game your getting me confused" perla says "its like this me and michael met a place or a game called human strength where they kidnapped michaels younger brother and sisters he had to fight and win battles by killing other people especially other kids destiny got us out but then some lunatic took jazmin and james michaels brother and sister we were going to save them but we were to late after that we crashed landed in the forest where we met another psychopath that wanted to kill michael for the same reason thats where destiny sent lila to safe house we dont what happened to her since then" I say "maybe michael went to go look for lila" perla says "no why would he start now what triggered him to do it" I say then I remembered the plane where michael saw those murder pictures and ran to the bathroom he knew who the man was and he knew who did it "shelby something just came to you didn't it" perla says I nodd "while we were on the plane I showed michael the murder pictures and he ran to the bathroom he's seen far worse images than that yet he went to the bathroom" I say "I know who the murderer is and where michael is headed common let's go tell destiny" I say

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