Stranded on an island and were not alone

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when I woke up i was back on the jet I looked through the back window and saw the facility burn in to flames i looked for James's and jazmins bodys but i couldn't find them then i realized the horrible truth jazmin and james were back in the facility.i sighed ibwantee to cry so bad but I couldn't at least not in front of shelby I wouldnt I was mad at destiny for knocking me out and not letting me say goodbye to jazmin and james "hey you ok" shelby asked me "yhea I'm fine" i said then all of a sudden (beep)(beep)(beep) an alarm went off "what's going on?" I asked "WERE GOING DOWN!" destiny yelled the jet was going down fast the jet was rocking back and forth bumping in to things in the way...finally it crashed. I tried standing up but I had cut my arm with something i stood up and looked around the jet was not completly destroyed it was still n one piece at least the engine was just damaged "SHELBY.....DESTINY.....DIANA!" i yelled "uuhhh I'm right here" shelby said I saw that she was limping "you ok?" I said "yhea i just twisted my ankle a bit" she said "your bleeding" she said I looked over at my arm "oh I'm fine" i said "come here" she said I walked towards her "can you rip cloth" she said "no why" then out of nowhere shelby rips a little bit of my shirt "what the heck was that for" I said "for your arm you idiot" she said I sighed as she started tying the piece around my arm "better?" she asks "I'm fine" i said. she smiled and we walked to find destiny and diana "DESTINY!" I yelled then right beside me I heard a noise I got closer and BAM diana tackled me "WHAT THE HECK!" i yelled "GET OFF ME!" she stood up quickly and said "sorry wrong time to tackle" "did you find destiny?" shelby asked "I thought she was with you" diana said "we have to find her" shelby said. we walked a long and I kean long time like were talking 5 to7 hours of looking we met up back at the jet "did anybody find her?" diana asked "no" "no" me and shelby said almost at the same time "nobody found what now" destiny popped out from behind the jet "destiny?" shelby asked "where were you?" I asked "right here" she said "wait wait do you mean to tell me that you looked all over this island for me and nobody bothered to check the jet" she said sarcastically then she laughed and laughed until we started to laugh too we laughed alot even my stomach started to hurt just as i catched my breath I heatd gunshots shelby screamed we all fell to the ground and covered our heads with our hands now I knew this wasn't a remote island we weren't alone and it was about to get worse.

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