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(shelbys POV)

I drop the pictures in front of the team then I say "the victim was stabbed many times in the chest but look right here" I pointed to the victims neck "right here he has red marks so he wasn't stabbed to death he was stranggled first" I say "good job" destiny told me

(michaels POV)

I looked more closely at the pictures to be honest it was making me sick but I pulled through then i noticed 2 things one there was something in the background and two the victim was......"OH MY GOD" I yelled and went to the bathroom

(destinys POV)

michael got up and ran to the bathroom "whats up with him?" I asked everybody "maybe he couldnt handle the photos?" shelby said I looked back at the closed bathroom door I was confused what can trigger michael so bad that he'd do that I didn't care I shook my head and got concentrated back on work I couldnt wait till we landed in california because diana tracked down one of are old friends (who is apperently 9 years older than me also married) yhea kind of crazy but since I havent seen her in a very long time I miss her so does shelby ever since I told her she wont stop talking about it.

(shelbys POV)

I cant believe im going to see my best friend ever since me and destiny got captured that day I can still remember it was about 3 years ago it was just awful
~flash back~
~I was only 13 years old when me and destiny were hanging out with diana and aysllon it was sort if a girls night out it was fun right up until destiny and I decided to go home (we were roomates in an apartment) neither did me and destiny had parents it was hard but being together helped alot we were walking down the sidewalk when a white van was following us I whispered to her that the van was following us so we ran but the van came up and some guys pulled us in I was so scared I was afraid not of me getting hurt but destiny the guys tied us up and put blindfolds over our eyes I was starting to cry but destiny whispered for me not to. my breathing was really heavy and my hands were numb from being tied up the van stopped and the guys pulled us out we walked for awhile then the guys pushed me and detiny in to diffrent rooms I didn't see her from that moment on the guy untied me and took off the blindfold (just like I did with michael) they made me trained so hard that I almost died the first day they made me fight with other kids that I didnt want to kill then the day happened when they made me fight the (supposedly) last one my opponent pinned me down holding a a gun to my head I took off the mask and I saw destiny "wait wait its me please destiny" I say she gets off me and takes off my mask we hug and cry thats when destiny was sentenced to death in the morning so I helped her escape that night and worked for the facility for the two years until I met Michael.~
~flash back over~

I was biting my nails like crazy cuz I couldnt wait to see my friend in california I just couldnt wait I was so jumpy. I was excited

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