Happy 16 birthday destiny

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The year went by like a flash the as If a lightning bolt hit my head it was destinys 16 birthday "why didnt you tell me soone I could have helped" I told shelby as we hung the banner that read happy birthday destiny "I know you cant keep a secret besides I want it to be a suprise for destiny" she said it jad been about 5 months since I asked her f she would be my girlfriend I still remember that day....
~flash back~
(shelbys POV)
I was on the couch listening to my music when all of a sudden Michael takes out my ear buds and says "sjelby I want to show you something come here quick or your going to miss it" I followed him outside and there before my eyes I saw my favorite band playing my favorite song right outside the hotel I squealed in excitment "how could you afford this?" I asked him "anything for my girl" he said "you know your a suck up right" I said "I know and thats why I love you" he said
he leans in and gives me a kiss the next thing I know me and him are dating.
~flash back over~
(michaels POV)

the place looked great there was decorations everywhere diana was the decorator so yhea there were bombs and guns clearly anything that explodes I just hoped they were fake "hey guys evrybody down I see destinys car hide" laura said (dianas sister she was actually pretty cool) we all hid behind the couch and turned off the lights
(destinys POV)

i walk up to my apartment and open the door "SURPRISE" everybody jumps up from behind the couch I turn on the lights only to see all my weapons scatterd all over the place and then it hits me it was my 16 birthday I had totally forgotten I was so caught up with work how could I forget I bust out laughing like an idiot shelby then says we were going to play a game I ask "what is it?" she point over to the wall and hands me 3 knives "I just shoot it at the wall" I say "ofcourse not hey michael get over here and bring an apple" she says michael grabs an apple and hands it to shelby the she says "go stand over there" she points where im supposed to shoot "does he know?" I whisper to her "no but thats the fun part" she whispers back I nodd and shrug shelby walks up to michael and whispers something to him "IM GOING TO DO WHAT NOW" he yells "shut it and do it" she says she puts a blindfold on him and places the apple on top of his head she walks back to me and I ask "did you tell him?" "no i just told him to stay still or he'll die" she says "he does have a bad experience with blindfolds and it took his siblins from him" I say "true but you know you like this game right" she says "cant argue with that" I say as I threw the 3 knives at the same time as they landed straight in the apple the apple split in 3 pieces michael took off the blindfold and in his hand were the pieces.
(michaels POV)

I take off the blindfold that shelby put on me I hate these things I feel something on my head I grab and it was 3 pieces of apple I walk up to the others "im confused" I say "hahahahha I cant hold it in look" shelby says laughing and points to the wall I turn around and see 3 knives right above where I was standing "TGAT WAS THE GAME YOU TWO COULD HAVE KILLED ME ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MINDS"i yell at the top of my lungs they keep laughing im never going to live this down.

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