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movie night with a fight

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(shelbys POV)

"ok so is everybody ready?" perla asks we all nodd and start watching the video (perla hooked up her phone to the television and puts play) as i watch the video my memory starts coming back and i realize what me and michael did that night but what was i thinking I know i was kind of drunk but not that much "OH GOD WHAT HAVE I DONE" I yell and run to my room with perla and destiny following me.

(destinys POV)

shelby runs off and i chase after her i go in to her room shes on her bed sitting down "whats wrong?" i ask her sitting down on the bed "I just realized what i did with michael last night" she says "let me guess....lemon?" I say she nodds i stand up and she asks "where are you going?" "remember the knife throwing game we played at my birthday I think I'm going to miss on purpose this time" i say and head to my secret stash of weapons in my room (and yes I do keep it in my room dont judge)

(perlas POV)

I walk as fast as i can to shelbys room even though i can barely walk straight (since I'm preagnant) I see destiny leave her room i walk in to shelbys room and ask her "whats up?" "I think destiny is going to kill michael" she says "I knew destiny was an idiot but not that much and why would she do it in the first place?" I ask "probably cuz me and michael did lemon together" she says my mouth drops and I say "how old are you again?" she starts laughing and say "16" "ooookkkaayyy not a good age but i dont blame you" "how come?" she asks "cuz you were both drunk how were you and michael supposed to know" i say the suddenly we hear someone scream "DESTINY CUT IT OUT QUIT IT YOUR GOING TO KILL ME" (it was michael what a surprise) "THATS THE POINT YOU DID LEMON WITH MY BEST FRIEND WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU" destiny yelled i sighed and ask shelby "should we help or record it and post it on youtube" she thinks for a minute "both" she says laughing we go to michaels room where i see destiny chasing michael with knives "you record I'll help" shelby says and hands me her phone i start recording as michael runs for his life destiny runs to kill him and shelby runs to stop destiny from killing the father of her baby and me well I'm laughing like heck at this

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