Music turns me on...and so does my Ex-Bestfriend (on hold)

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simran27988 By simran27988 Updated 4 years ago
Grace is your normal teenager, with great friends.a loving parent and a plain Jane appearance...ya that's what SHE thinks.
    Her life changes as she moves to a new town in the middle of nowhere,has to join a new school and to top it all off her Ex- best friend is the hot thing and has gone from dorky to hottie.
    See her cope with all the new turns and a hot ass of a best friend all in her exciting new life as a newbie not only in town but also at the art of life.
i'm gonna be writing 'love it' all through the chappies. so, love it!!!! :D
love this story, i love the title and the beginning and nice plot. Its AWESONMe! voted and fanned =D
This is amazing, please keep writing. I love this story it is so entertaining.
I was just searching around and i found this story. This is soooooo good. I love it. Please upload more. I rarely commment, so when i comment i think that the story im reading is AWSOME!!!