Music turns me on...and so does my Ex-Bestfriend:Chapter 10

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You guys support me so much and I love you all for that :) never thought I will reach to the 10th chapter.


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I have been so lazy today,all I want to do is to just lay on my bed.But since I am not doing anything I thought it would be nice to just upload and get the guilt out my system,it was partly because I am not going to get a free day before the mid of may.Its a little difficult for me coz I write in one seating so no free day means no posts.

If u guys ACTUALLY read what I write(not my story) u would have figured that I have commitment issues when it comes to posting :( but I am trying to fix it.Don't feel bad if u don't read this,no one does heck even I ignore it sometimes lol

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Chapter 10 

I was trembling,there was nothing to do now.I just had to stay here.There was a funny feeling in the pits of my stomach maybe it was shock-to know that the closest thing to me after my mom had died,maybe it was nervousness-the fact that I was going to actually learn exactly how he died or was just pure rage,terrorizing my mind and soul with its power of distruction.Whatever it was it destroyed me.I was uneasy and did the craziest thing ever..I laughed,hysterically,stupidly and insanely  completely trying to forget about the situation at hand.

i was desperate and I wanted out,no matter what it cost so I did what I had to.But somewhere in between I really was laughing at my pathetic self.I had just bribed God,asking him for help and come to think of it what I did was right,its the fact that rather than giving something to the needy I was bribing god by promising to give him a hundred bucks which was just..crude but funny as heck.Like God will save me for just a hundred,even the pizza delivery dude gets more bribe just for putting  extra cheese and pepperoni on it.Even if he did hear me say the prayer he would just put it aside because it was-no,is an insufferably idiotic wish plus he has about six billion other prayers and wishes he has to listen to.I can't even listen to a person for more that 5 minutes and he has to listen to all of them..I would kill myself.

I was here drinking a glass of water while they just stared at me.I groaned and slammed the glass on the crystal table trying to get there attention off of me.Their eyes widened at the sound and not to mention the venomous look on my face,mumbling their apologies they averted their eyes,looking everywhere but at me.

"look honey we are sorry about what we did,we were focusing on what was right to do and completely forgot about your feelings.We are so sorry dear.." Mom said,sympathetically

All of them nodded,agreeing with the statement.All except the prince of arrogant asses,Damon.The situation was back to square 1 when I remembered the almost kiss and the moment between us.I looked at him while he sat beside me on the couch,casually flipping his phone between his index finger and thumb,not giving a shit about the meeting.Oh how much I wanted to be him at the moment.I was still angry at myself for breaking my promise to myself and at the oldies for not telling me but once again he stole the glory as I remembered he could be the reason for the death of my Conner.Before I could control myself,I rose my left hand and hit him upside-down on his head,hard.

The profanities flowing from Damon's mouth caused all the guilty filled eyes to turn on him,developing into a whirlpool of emotions.He was rubbing the back of his head and was death glaring me,probably killing me in his mind with different weapons and in different situations.

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