Music turns me on...and so does my Ex-Bestfriend:Chapter 3

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Its been a week and everything is still so complicated,like it was the very first day back and everday since has been the same.

I made my way to the kitchen where as usual mom was making something delicious that I knew I won't be able to eat.I am not anorexic,its the fact of having a detention for being late to class that I don't like even though I am a badass and people expects me to do crazy stuff for fun but I have news for you guys,not everyone likes to stay at the same place for 9 hours if you count the detention.

I sat down on the chair looking directly towards mom.

"morning"I said while taking a bite from my apple

"good morning to you too" mom said

she rose from her seat and put her arms around me and pulled me in for a hug.She is hugging me,this early in the morning without a reason.Something is up,something is definitely up.Sure she is pretty much very affectionate toward me but all I know she is not a morning person which means that she probably want's me to do something that she knows I won't do.I sighed and looked at her while she gently stroked my cheek.

"mom,what exactly do you wan't me to do"I asked with horror

She took a step back and stared at me trying to fake hurt like I really offended her by getting straight to the point.

"honey,why do you think I want something ? can't a mother love her child?"she said with one hand on her heart

"mom"I said warning her to drop the act

She let her hand  fall down which was placed on her heart and looked at me.

"honey,me and my friends are going to a club for a night out and one of them has a daughter who she can't leave alone so..she was wondering if you could babysit her just for today"she said with a huge please-do-this-for-me smile on her face.

"NO! I absolutely am not going to waste my friday night caring for a kid"I said getting up from my seat

I took my bag off from the table and left to the door.I can't take kids and no way in hell am I ruining my plans for babysitting,I mean I don't hate them but I don't exactly love them either.

I use to love kids,OK fine..I still do but I need to get my mind off of things and babysitting is not gonna help me in anyway.I increased my pace when I noticed that mom was right behind me.

"Grace ! slow down this second or your grounded for the whole month"mom shouted from behind me

I turned around and looked at her with a frown on my face.She made her way towards me elegantly in her black pumps.

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