Music turns me on...And so does my Ex-Bestfriend

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hey this is a new story.I just got the idea and decided to post it on here ASAP.

Its no promise that I will continue with this since well I have two issues

1.School sucks,a lot of homework,projects.tests and other stuff

2.I am too obsessed with my other story :)

So response cause well I need some for this one

this will most probably suck since its the first one

well here it is.......


How come only my life is so unfair??

1. We just shifted to another town in the middle of nowhere.

2.My mom just signed me up for advanced music classes,trying to convince me that I have real potential (ya right)

and the third and probably the most important one

3.I am gonna start my junior year at the new school today and guess what my Ex-bestfriend the one I haven't talked to in almost 6 years is going to it.

Stupid school,stupid parents ,stupid life ! everything is so pointless.

I looked at my full length mirror hanging from one of the walls,scanning myself from head to toe.

Boring brown eyes,pale complexion,clear face. Everything about me was so normal,i am your plain Jane but the only thing that stood out was my hair.They are a mixture of different shades and so it can't be put in one category,its the only thing I get compliments on but well after a while of listening to..

"hey! did you colour your hair? "

"did you got that coloured?"

"what dye did you use?"

I just got sick of it. I looked at my choice of clothes,analysing them and making sure that they didn't have anything on them.

A black skinny jeans with a red halter top matched with a biker jacket and my black converse with red strings.Bad ass that's what I looked like a total and complete bad ass.I did it.I pulled off the look..yet another day.

I smiled to myself as I picked my bag and ran downstairs, putting my phone and I-pod in it as I walked down.

"good morning Mom" I said taking a bite of my toast

"good morning honey.Ready for the first day of school ?" she asked smiling up from her food

"as if anyone is ready for a 8 hour torture"I said getting of the seat making it slide back with a screech.

"come on honey its not gonna be that bad and at least have some breakfast"she said lifting up her half eaten bowl of cereal.

"can't I'll be late.Bye !" I said already out the door

I could faintly hear something that seemed like'good luck at school' I sighed and walked towards the garage.

I unlocked the sliding door and walked towards my baby.I don't care how weird it sounds but I love this car more that my own life.

I put in the keys and opened the door to my black camero.Yes,we weren't filthy rich,like the money-pouring-out-the-sky one but we were well off and it was a birthday present anyways,17th to be exact.Just got it 2 weeks ago.


I parked my car in a safe spot and just stayed in..thinking.

What am I doing?

I asked myself leaning my head back.After a good 5 minutesof grieving and self pity Ifinallygot out only to be greeted by a number of stare and a large crowd of people trying to get a look at my car.I passed a brief smile to a few of them who seemed polite enough to make a path for me to enter the building.I entered and went straight to the direction where the girl told me was there office.

"here you go Ms.Parker.Your locker number and schedule are in there.I hope you have a nice day."she said handing me a envelope

"Thanks.I appreciate it" I said smiling

I tore it and grabbed my table for the year.English lit. room 209 I read to myself.I headed to the 2nd floor and stopped at the 2 locker,trying the combination.I quickly put the books in my bag for the class and ran towards what seemed to be room 209.

"Miss Parker its nice to have you here"said Mr.Carlson smiling

he doesn't seem that bad of a teacher..I thought

"Please take a seat next to Mr Anderson.Damon can you please raise your hand"he said and looked back at his paper

Oh oh. I know that name,Do I really have to meet him this early? what am I thinking it can't be him..

I looked up from the floor and to where he was seated.I could have gasped,there he was Damon Anderson.How in the world did my dorky best friend get so hot ?

He was wearing black jeans with a green T -shirt,his dark black hair were long slightly covering his mysteries gray eyes.I can't believe this.. maybe I am seeing things

He clearly saw me gawking at him since he smirked..I quickly hid my blush and walked to the desk besides him.I guess he was popular since I was getting a lot of jealous glares from the girls.I ignored them and seated myself on the chair,trying not to make eye contact with any one.

"Its been long,hasn't it? Grace" he asked giving me a big smirk

So he does remember.Why can't he have just forgot my name ? this is going to be twice as hard then it was suppose to be...

"Ya it sure has "I said returning his smirk

"Well..whatever just forget about it cause life isn't the same so just wanna clear something to me " he said with an unreadable expression and turned his attention back to the teacher.

My jaw just dropped as I looked at him in disbelief.

Did he just say that? this cannot be Damon..

The world's sweetest guy the one who couldn't care less about what people thought about him was asking me to back off of his life...and is acting like a total asshole

Fine,two can play at that game

If he can be a jerk so can I.


I hope you all like it

this was just the first chapter so

its mean't to be horrible .

I will try and write later



PS-I don't need that much of responce just enough to let ,e know that

people like this :)

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