Music turns me on...and so does my Ex-Best friend:Chapter 6

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The cold air nipped at my skin as  I moved towards the car in an attempt to stop it.The car abruptly came to a halt when I came and stood towards it,signalling with my hand for it to stop.I looked at the silver beetle acknowledging its beauty when my eyes fell on the number plate.

Wait a minute..this car,I have seen it before.I was thinking of all the places where I could have seen it when suddenly the window slid down and sitting there in the front seat was....               


Chapter 6 

I stood there gaping at the person who stopped the car.I  was in shock,like serious shock.I wasn't mortified to see who it was just a little surprised.She rolled up the window before I could say anything and pulled me inside the car.Warmth took over my frozen body as I  sat in the back staring at the unknown guy sitting on the passenger seat.I don't have a clue as to why she is here..she doesn't live here,atleast that's what I think.


I stared at her in shock but didn't say a thing.My mind was still busy taking in the scene and well it doesn't really matter if  I did say something,she is still going to get all motherly with me.I have to listen to her right and wrong speech, the very one that I happened to know each and every word of.That is right i have heard it so many times that I know exactly how it starts and how it ends.I even know how it effects me  which is next to nothing since I still do the same things over and over just because that annoys the hell out of her but I am beginning to think that its worst for me then for her.

Ahh that speech..i dread it.It starts from a simple 'are you insane?' and goes to ' I don't think you know what's right for you'.In the past week that I have known her she has gone from friend to best friend and now mother.Its weird how we trust each other and have become such great friends in a matter of just seven days.She is the most caring person that I have ever met.I hate that little lecture of hers but somehow it brings a smile on my face even if it makes we want to kill her at the same time.

"are you freakin' insane ?" she yelled once again

here we go..let the torture begin.

'how can you be so stupid,so insane and ahhhhhh,just really tell me how you can do all of this?" she said 

I opened my mouth to give an answer to her questions but she begin again not giving me the chance to talk.

"wait don't answer.Your just going to make an excuse." she said,furious 

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