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The Alpha's Disobedient Mate  by musicfreakforever
The Alpha's Disobedient Mate by Lena
This hyperactive rogue is a rebellious young woman. She truly believes rules were made to be broken. So when she finds she's mated to an Alpha of all wolves, her journey...
  • pack
  • mate
  • alpha
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Finding Home- Adopted by The Avengers by iamgroot_24
Finding Home- Adopted by The Friendly_Fangirl
Orphaned since she was 4, Rebekah lives in an abusive orphanage that constantly makes her lose hope that she will ever find a family. When she is 8 she finally decides t...
  • pietro
  • hawkeye
  • autism
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paper thin (phan)  by audrat
paper thin (phan) by audrey
*'BEST PHANFICTION' WINNER (FANFICTION AWARDS 2018)* Daniel has anxiety and crumples paper to calm himself down. Phil has ADHD and cripples hearts to bring himself up. [...
  • boyxboy
  • disorder
  • lgbtq
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Flaws And Feathers !ON HOLD! [NEW VERSION OF BBWW] by Jojo_B
Flaws And Feathers !ON HOLD! [ Jojo B [EXAMS]
Vienna Reyes struggles with her anger. She's a misfit in a sea of grey, and always has the feeling that she's being watched. Her life is pretty much mediocre, but that c...
  • dyslexia
  • pyromania
  • romance
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things only people with ADHD will understand by BillieKiernan
things only people with ADHD Billie Jean Kiernan
exactly what it says on the tin
  • adhd
  • mentalhealth
My Ex is My Teacher (Luke Hemmings) by erica_xoxo_
My Ex is My Teacher (Luke Hemmings)by Erica Francesca
"Hello class. I'm going to be your Math teacher for the year." No. It couldn't be. "My name is Mr. Hemmings." And it is. "Now first let me tak...
  • dyslexia
  • romance
  • ashton5sos
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inattentive -> tysh by dulciloquy
inattentive -> tyshby INACTIVE
"Josh?" "I'm.. sorry, what did you say?"
  • recovery
  • tysh
  • tylerjoseph
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Nearly Empty by velvetspirit36
Nearly Emptyby Velvet
Bianca Cruz is the second in command of Temilan the capital of Eilances most bloodthirsty street gang only rivalled by the Night Wanderers Gang in power. Despite this an...
  • lgbt
  • therapy
  • adhd
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He's My Salvador [bxb] | Unedited  by _destinytolbert_
He's My Salvador [bxb] | Unedited by 👑👑Queen👑👑
My best friend Bucky doesn't know that I'm head over heels for him. My feelings only seem to multiply every time I see him. What's the worst part? He's completely cluele...
  • mentaldisorder
  • sorrow
  • tears
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Out Of Control {Autistic!Louis Businessman!Harry} Larry Stylinson [DISCONTINUED] by lousbumtohazsdik
Out Of Control {Autistic!Louis Baby Blue
"I have fallen in love, out of control." Autistic!Louis (Overlapped with ADHD) Businessman!Harry (Like always.) . . . p.s. - This book is DISCONTIN...
  • zaynmalik
  • fluff
  • larrystylinson
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Amour by itssanjh
Amourby Sanjh
Sky was the silence, wet was the light... sudden meet sudden friendship sudden love sudden proposal sudden refusal A story of ego, pride and success... A story of uncon...
  • destiny
  • suman
  • anger
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I Just Want To Be Someone. Klance AU by AllTimePhan73
I Just Want To Be Someone. Blue ^-^
Lance meets a boy online who understands him more than anybody else he knew. They just feel comfortable with each other... He makes Lance feel valid but how much can a b...
  • klance
  • homophobia
  • texting
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Little Miss Different: Short Story Collection [#Wattys2018] by Doodahs
Little Miss Different: Short Sophie Miles
Based on the 100 Themes Challenge, join the cast of Little Miss Different in this collection of short stories exploring friendship, differences and disabilities. If you...
  • diversity
  • wattys2018
  • actuallydisabled
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To Adorn an Antagonist by Itsyosra
To Adorn an Antagonistby Itsyosra
His therapist told him to forgive his flaws His student told him he's an inspiration His friend told him he's hard on himself She told him he has a good soul Then why do...
  • ptsd
  • maleprotagonist
  • eden
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Betrayal by khushimishrahaha
Betrayalby khushimishra
"I thought you loved me, but I turned out to be wrong... yet again" Isabella Kamer is a 13 year old girl in Middle school. Isabella gets bullied by 7 boys and...
  • bullied
  • love
  • brat
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Shadowcast (Fantasy) by RocknRogan
Shadowcast (Fantasy)by John Rogan
"The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world." --G-Man, Half-Life 2 When Lisa Watson, a quirky teenage girl with strange scars on...
  • videogames
  • fantasy
  • ninjas
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Anxious Anorexic by CarsonJake
Anxious Anorexicby Carson Rex Palmer
My name is Carson Jake Palmer and I am a weirdo. You might know me by one of these labels. Anorexic, Transgender, scatterbrain, a spaz, etc: If those weren't enough labe...
  • support
  • mentalhealth
  • anorexia
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{•artbook 3•} by _ScreechingLarva_
{•artbook 3•}by {•Erratik•}
Here there will be rant,arts,roleplay stuffs and al those useless sh*ts!
  • adhd
  • dyspraxia
  • autism
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Mile Long Hit List by star1077
Mile Long Hit Listby Shitty Fanfic(and in general)...
Zara Asilia is an assassin with mental disorders, and and empire of deadly people to manage, no parents, one true friend, two trusted people, senior year and a hit list...
  • ocs
  • psychopath
  • adhd
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Against the Mortal world? {Hero's Of Olympus/Avengers Crossover} by Look2the_stars
Against the Mortal world? {Hero' Look2the_stars
Piper, Hazel, Nico and Leo run into trouble and then quite literally the Avengers. After being set a long quest, join the demigods as they join the mortal world and hope...
  • percyjackson
  • hazelleveque
  • avengers
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