Music turns me on...and so does my Ex-Bestfriend Chapter 5

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i know i say that all the time but its cute. Anyway just wanna say HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL.I hope all you guys have fun,my plans are not made but oh well..this is my little gift for you guys.

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"I am in "I said and dropped my bag on the table 

He can be a jerk and even make fun of me but no one.. NO ONE calls me a wuss and just gets away with it.I am gonna make this hell for him and believe me I will...

You better get ready Damon cause I am gonna   Prove.You.Wrong.



How can i be so stupid ? I just agreed to play spin the bottle with five players..and let me tell you this a dare game can never be good especially when your playing with a bunch of self-centered players.

I looked at all of them and they were smirking .Here we go again...GOD what is wrong with them? don't they have anything better to do then smirk..its so frikin annoying,makes me want to kill them.I rolled my eyes and then motioned for them to sit on the floor.They glanced at the floor and then back at me wearing a puzzled expression.I signaled with my hand for them to sit but their expression just became even more confused.Boys...they are so clueless.

I sighed and went towards Damon and Jesse grabbing their arms and pulling them along with me.I dragged them to the floor where we would be sitting and pushed their shoulders down so they would reluctantly be sitting on their knees.I then moved towards Jason,Alex and the third hot guys whose name I don't know yet but I tend to find out  and grabbed onto their arms,doing the same with them.

I smiled at them,satisfied at what I had accomplished.They were all finally sitting in a circle on their knees and I did it and just the thought made my smile bigger and better.What ?I am not crazy for being proud at what I just did.I mean,come on can anyone get five guys better yet players to do as you please ? I don't think so...well there is one place wee they will do as you please but that is something I don't want to think about.I shuddered at just the thought of it.

I corrected them and ordered with my hands to sit,like little puppies they followed and crossed their legs other than Damon.I walked towards him,my glare getting harder and his smirk getting bigger.I reached towards him and kicked his leg so they fell in to place. Everyone looked at me in shock and I shrugged in return. Kicking Damon is by far the best thing that happened today. 

After finally making all of them sit I went towards the kitchen to grab an empty bottle which we could use to spin.I opened the fridge looking through the various contents.

Lets,beer,juice,beer,beer,,beer more beer and......water

Bingo !

I don't know what the hell he does with so much beer,seriously you have a younger sister..set some standards for her to follow.I picked out the bottle and went towards the living room while gulping it down.Ahh water. the best refreshment in this world other than coke of course.

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