Music turns me on...And so does my Ex-Bestfriend:Chapter 4

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"are you always this stubborn?"he asked while he ate his share

and before I could answer a voice behind me gave it instead.

"yes.she is"it said

I turned towards the doorway and was shocked to see....




What in the name of sweet baby Jesus is he doing here ? the one day I get away from him,he comes to me ? 

I seriously should jump off of a cliff or push him off one and you know what ? he will still manage to haunt me .

I was glaring at him like Jesse had been doing to me seconds ago and he was grinning like always.Jesse stood up from his comfortable seat on the couch besides me and walked towards Damon.He came to a halt right between us and turned his head towards us again and again like we do when watching  a competitive  tennis match. I softened by expression as I looked at Jesse but it was still a pretty pissed off one.

"what is he doing here?"I asked Jesse

he looked between us again.

"you two know eachother?"He asked

I looked at him and was trying to contain the laughter boiling inside me.He looked so lost  like a little puppy.I was thinking this to myself when a wicked voice inside me added 

and we all know puppies are cute..

I quickly looked away cursing myself for thinking how cute he looked.

but cute isn't the word for him more like hot


I yelled to myself

Fine, but you know that its the truth.

like I care about the truth do because you can't lie.

OK that is precisely correct but I don't need my 'goody goody self' telling me that..

and like you can.

obviously I can't because I am YOU.

you know what ? shove it..

shove what?

your sense of right and wrong ,the fact that you THINK that you know what I feel.

I can't just SHOVE IT..and even if I did then what will I do ? its my purpose to do all this.

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