Music turns me on...and so does my Ex-Best friend:Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

splash Splash SPLASH !

i kept harassing the water beneath my feet till it finally came up and hit me in the face.It was like a wake up call,natures way of telling me to stop blaming myself.But what else could I do ? except acting like a total bimbo and falling for Damon's every trick,his every touch.I was the one who let him touch me,I was the one who responded to his tease.Its all ME that's wrong here.I just keep screwing up every time,there for screwing up myself.

Ugghhh! why does he have to be so confusing ? can't he just come through if he likes me ? I don't think he would get that embarrassed when I refuse that is if he does come through.I doubt if there is still an emotional side to him.He just wants to torment me,make me suffer because I left and so now he will make me fall in love with him so he could brake my heart.Yes,that is exactly what he wants  I kept chanting in my head trying to convince myself that it was the truth.

I am so paranoid that I actually made up a damn story ! I should get checked and while at it I should also let The king of the bipolar syndrome aka Damon accompany me so I could get his Freaking brain checked !

I smiled a little evilly at the thought and started making plans to seriously take him to a doctor.Maybe tying him up , tricking him or even kidnapping him.All i needed now is a rope,some wires and popcorn.I laughed a little at my pathetic plan of torturing Damon but was laughing more on myself for even letting him do this to me in the first place.I just lost myself when I was with him,didn't care about the world and the people in it, all sense right,no wrong and I don't know why it is like it is like that.

My body disobeys my mind,doesn't follow its command.The brain is the right one,I know that but still somwhere in between the moment it too turns on me.Its like my body,soul and everything else doesn't belong to me but to him.

A frown was now on my face as I stared at my reflection in the water.I felt disgusted,violated and just couldn't look at myself right now.I moved my leg slightly disturbing the silent surface of the water.I just kept thinking and thinking still there was no solution that came to my mind.Just one which was going to be hard to do..I have to stay away from him,I have to .

I was interrupted as I heard moms musical laughter coming from the sitting.I smiled at the direction of the room but didn't move one bit.After sitting for about a minute I bolted up from the floor and hastily put on the heels.

What in the world is wrong with me ? I am so dumb.I am here sitting and enjoying myself while the guests are there,in the house ! how could I have been so rude without knowing it I did it this time.My cheeks took a red tinge as I made my way to the room.I came and stood besides mom who just smiled at me.

"I am so sorry,I completely lost track of time" I said,apologetically

I lifted my gaze from the floor,something that I did when I was embarrassed  and looked at Angie.She chuckled a little and shook her head from side to side.Everyone was having an amusing moment and I joined.I could here a sniker in the distance which belonged to none other than Damon.I shot him a glare which had what is wrong with you ? written all over it .He instantly smirked and my face flared up as a response .I looked back at them with ignore him being played in my head like a stuck tune.

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