Music turns me on...and so does my Ex-Bestfriend: Chapter 9

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  • Dedicated to All my friends..

So what ? if we guys won't be together anymore,it doesn't make any difference :) I will always cherish the moments we had and I'll never,ever forget you guys...

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hello you beautiful people :) I love you all like I always did and will,for what reason you guys might know.I was kinda with my friends yesterday so no posting but I felt like a ugly __ (fill what you want in there haha) and uploaded.

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didn't care if it was mom or Angie or anyone else for that matter.I want time and space which they were ruining.A thump !  echoed in the room followed by a grunt.Well I guess i hit them hard,maybe now whoever it is will understand and leave me alone or I swear to god..

"you always had a strong arm for a girl" 

I looked up at the intruder only to meet the eyes of Damon.His stormy eyes looking directly at me.


Chapter 9

I kept staring at him.His masculine arms gliding up and down the wall looking for a switch,his posture as he leaned against the closed door and the way his face glistened as he stood at the point where the eerie light from the glistening moon come through the window along with the cold gusts of wind ,which by the way were freezing me to death.

Seriously its too cold in here for my liking and not to mention how uncomfortable i fell after realising how this whole situation seemed too intimidate,considering from my own  experiences with him,I don't wanna hear or be in a situation where the words intimidate and Damon come in the same sentence.From how he stood to how incredibly gorgeous his face looked,he was perfection.

I looked at myself from the mirror hanging across the room only to see a mess of a girl.My perfectly semi curly hair looked like a nest,thrown on the ground and stomped on by merciless my heart,my eyes were puffy from crying and I was in my mickey the mouse Jammie's.Just awesome.I drifted my eyes from the mirror and back to Damon.The frown on my face turned upside down as I stared at the annoying expression on his face.He was still searching for the goddamn switch,how dumb can you be Damon?come on I can see it even from my blurred vision.

I didn't bother saying anything since I was more than entertained seeing him harass my wall.

Oh! wall of bricks ,I am so sorry that his hands are all over.

I burst out laughing and clutched my stomach with my hands.Oh god ! that was hilarious,man I rock.His hand dropped by his side as he turned towards me with an expression of confusion and fright. which caused me to laugh harder than before.I could practically feel what he was thinking.He thought that I had lost it because of the news and was frightened for what I might do to him if he came near me as well the possibility that I could be laughing at something else.He emerged from his thoughts as my hysteria subsided.

"close the window while you are still here" I said,amused

He ignored my comment and walked towards my bed pulling a chair with him.He straddled the chair,placed his head on his crossed arms that were placed on the top head of the chair..looking at me.The chilled air came again,slightly messing his hair in a sexy way.He was so hot and I can't run from that.

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