Music turns me on...and so does my Ex-bestfriend :Chapter 2

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I'll be building the main story line but Its gonna take a while since its a little complicated

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Chapter 2

The day went by in a blur and I couldn't be more happy about it.Not making a big deal or anything but being in the situation that I am,I can't be more grateful that I just survived it..the whole day.

It was ok I guess.I had a decent schedule,a nice locker with no jocks and cheerleaders making out by it and I even made some friends.But well the dreadful truth always overwhelms the good in my day and this day is no different.Damon the one who I saw as a life long friend and maybe more was the one who was ruining my day no.that's not right,he ruined my life just by living !

That little jerk..who the hell does he think he is ? asking me to not talk to him and then making fun of me infront of everyone.I swear if I see him about right now I'll kill him.

I grabbed my bag and started my walk to the parking lot.The corridors were empty,seeing that I am late.I unlocked the car from a short distance and jumped in while putting my bag on the back seat.I was outside my house and was smiling ,thinking about a nice shower and maybe a movie later.I entered the house and walked straight to the kitchen,I stood there drinking some water when I noticed a piece of paper with mom's handwriting was lying on the counter.I picked it up and read the message quietly to myself .

Dear Grace

You left in such a rush this morning that I forgot to tell you that your music classes are starting from today and not tomorrow.Your teacher was apparently the best in town and left to pursue his career but he has left the top student in all of his classes as a replacement.I am giving you the address and I am pretty sure you will like your new teacher.The class starts at 4 so be there sharp.

all my love


Geez so much for a long bath.I looked at the clock hanging from one of the walls.I still have an hour I thought and ran up to my room.

After a shower and a change of clothes I went to the door locking it as I walked out and into the empty street.I was listening to my favourite band 'The White Stripes' singing along with the lyrics and tapping my fingers on the steering wheel.I finally took a left turn and entered a fancy looking street,So the kid is rich huh ?I said to myself as I glanced at all the castles for houses when I drove past them.

I got out of the car and looked at the 'house 'if you can even call it was more like a palace for a royal family.I checked the address again just to make sure I was in the right place,I couldn't help but wonder if I had been here before.It seemed like I knew this I spent my childhood playing in the very same garden.'Man Déjà vu sucks' I though and ignored it.

I stepped in and went to the fancy porch,I rang the doorbell but there was no response.I rang it a few more times but couldn't hear a thing.Maybe no one was there.I took a few steps back and was about to turn around and head back when suddenly the door opened.My jaw dropped as I looked at the figure in disbelief.There at the door stood Damon.

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