Together As Mutants (Book Six)

Together As Mutants (Book Six)

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Hope "Moose" Williams By hope_forever_18 Completed

New York is at peace. Shredder has been defeated, his minions scattered. The Kraang have been neutralized, the aliens wiped from the Earth. The threat of Mutacorp is no more, the Purple Dragons still operating in the slummy alleyways of the great city. Even the looming threat of Circa Cybernet has been de-bugged from the internet itself.

Now, the turtles can focus on their futures and what their lives could hold now. 





Book Five in the Mutations Series

*Written in Scenario Form*

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EmilyFoxie66 EmilyFoxie66 Jun 09, 2017
Hey hope! Question, where is the chapter when the turtles get drunk? I know its probably not in dis book, but I want to read it again😂 .
BriannaSenpai BriannaSenpai Jul 19, 2016
I would love to read the book when the OCs are NOT included, people want the Y/n so their names can be there, not somebody else's. But never mind, I have a choice to read sh*tty books, so I better not read this one.
Tmnt_Outsider_Books Tmnt_Outsider_Books Nov 16, 2015
So Destiny is a wolf mutant, that can turn into a human and has wings, one thing though, does she have wings when she is a wolf