Yandere Fairytale Oneshots (Hiatus) by thelobsterlord
Yandere Fairytale Oneshots (Hiatus)by thelobsterlord
What if they didn't live happily ever after... all artwork belongs to respective owners
  • yandere
  • fairytale
  • maleyandere
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Sonadow- Who Says I Can't Handle a Gun (Rewrite) by Akua_the_hedgehog
Sonadow- Who Says I Can't Handle a...by Akua The Hedgehog
The gang moved on from Mobius, ready for a new life. They left a heart-broken Sonic behind, who was fed up with everything. When they learn that someone named Streak sho...
  • blaze
  • scourge
  • shadow
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Artistic Death-Art Book 2 by Deaths_Flower
Artistic Death-Art Book 2by Death
Here is my second art book!!
  • art
  • artbook
  • drawing
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OCS by nicolecook555
OCSby Rp loving girl
Not all of my ocs will be in here
  • ocs
Individual RPs (Guys Only) by TabbithaKitty
Individual RPs (Guys Only)by Breanna
So I saw a lot of people doing this and I thought 'Why not give it a try?'
  • tabbithakitty
  • individual
  • roleplay
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Change of Ways by GoreKitty13
Change of Waysby Gabi DeGrey
After All Might, Izuku's idol, shatters his dreams of becoming a hero, he attempts suicide by jumping off a building. Before he reached the ground, though, Izuku is sav...
  • villaindeku
  • ocs
  • katsukibakugo
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Aphmau Boyfriend Scenarios by miss-fanfictions
Aphmau Boyfriend Scenariosby miss-fanfictions
This includes! Gene~ Dante~ Laurence~ Travis~ Vylad~ Zane~ Aaron~
  • shot
  • dante
  • zane
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I Died. But I was Reincarnated as a Rock?! by JustaWattreader02
I Died. But I was Reincarnated as...by Death Ray-Sensei
Story of a rich man who died in a not so "in-character" death. Only to awaken he was still alive. But no, he, one day founds out that he was reincarnated as a...
  • wattys2018
  • action
  • ocs
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Watching Our WHAT?! by blue_dragon_shine
Watching Our WHAT?!by Blue Haddock
When the main cast of all of The CW show's wake up to find themselves in are room where there told by a living computer that they have to watch their future children's l...
  • originalmovie
  • supergirl
  • arrow
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Fairy tail's forgotten member[Slow Updates] by wolfdragon1
Fairy tail's forgotten member[Slow...by dragongirl
Thana is a little girl who joined fairy tail a little after Erza. Though she has been in the guild for eight years the only people that truly know her are mirajane, laxu...
  • fairytail
  • fanfiction
  • scythe
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My OC Book 3.0 by anthonybrown18
My OC Book 3.0by Actual Dalek
a new book for my ocs lol XD
  • ocs
 Robotic love  by Vspear
Robotic love by Books of Dreams
( Transformers Fanfiction ) "COMPLETE BOOK" My name is Victoria. My life has always been not normal. I've always had dreams about alien robots that lost their...
  • transformers
  • ocs
  • bumblebee
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A wolf in hiding | Teen wolf/Twilight by Thechosenblackwolf
A wolf in hiding | Teen wolf/Twili...by Friday
Stiles was finally kicked from the pack. After all the terrible ways they treated him they finally decided to kick him out. Stiles and his dad go to forks and Stiles get...
  • imdone
  • badass
  • wolves
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art book 5 by LavnderFlowers
art book 5by Matt is Bae
my god--- i won't stop until i reach 20 of these
  • voltron
  • art
  • trash
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Double trouble...but like...times four so it's eight? - OC spanking story by MoonlightTornado
Double trouble...but like...times...by MoonlightTornado
Descriptions and photos of the 'cast' inside! Oliver Johnson is 28 years old and in custody of his eight brothers...eight troublemaking brothers. Yes, Dean, Damon, Stefa...
  • originalcharacters
  • spanking
  • tmijace
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She's the one [Naruto Variousx reader] by Alcazor
She's the one [Naruto Variousx rea...by Crazy Kid**
Y/N Otsutsuki, the most interesting ninja the Leaf Village has met. The Otsutsukis, known differently to Y/N than what the stories had informed. With her cheery and kind...
  • xreader
  • cute
  • hokage
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beautiful people|INDIVIDUAL FANDOM ROLEPLAY by ourfxture
beautiful people|INDIVIDUAL FANDOM...by ✨
'cos it's beautiful people like you that get whatever they want' an individual fandom roleplay {lowercase intended} [requests open]
  • indiviual
  • request
  • ốc
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Eyes Of Gold [ Trafalgar Law X Reader ] by eluthromaniac
Eyes Of Gold [ Trafalgar Law X Rea...by eluthro
"I got told to avoid them, to stay in the woods. It was safest there. I didn't listen. I was young, stupid." His pupils dilated into slits as he growled softl...
  • werewolves
  • eustasskid
  • onepiece
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The Uchiha Twins by PrincessFujoshi01
The Uchiha Twinsby PrincessFujoshi01
Sasuke wanted to revive his clan but to do so he needed a woman to carry his offsprings but his "secret" Boyfriend Naruto is a guy so he thought of the best pl...
  • himwari
  • narusasu
  • sasunaru
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RWBY: The Daughter Of Salem (Futa oc x Weiss) by Zillaworld
RWBY: The Daughter Of Salem (Futa...by ZillaWorld
(I do not own RWBY and I do not own the characters. They all belong to Roosterteeth.) Story starts at the beginning of Volume 1. A Futa oc x Weiss story.
  • ozpin
  • futa
  • huntresses
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