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Thoughtless (Supernatural) (Slow Updates)

Thoughtless (Supernatural) (Slow Updates)

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Nicole Bowyer By Deanmon_Moose Updated May 12

Am I just damned to live the rest of my life in the darkness? In the shadow of ignorance and forgetfulness? This was it; this was my life and I didn't know what to do with it. When the Winchester brothers found me, I had no memory of who I was or where I came from. I was so Thoughtless, yet extremely curious. Who could I be? Why are these strange men in suits after me? Could I finish whatever Dean Winchester, the confusing and beautiful man, started with me?

All of these ideas are mine. Sam and Dean Winchester, Castiel, Bobby and any other character from the Supernatural television series that comes along are fully the ideas of Eric Kripke. This is a fanfiction.

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Chin_Up_Winchester Chin_Up_Winchester May 22, 2015
"Zachariah is still screwing things up" as a person who is only a couple episodes passed his death I relate to this
Deanmon_Moose Deanmon_Moose Nov 15, 2014
@1d5sossupernatural2 Castiel fanfic it is. ^~^ how do you like this one so far??
Deanmon_Moose Deanmon_Moose Nov 15, 2014
@1d5sossupernatural2 No no. This is the one I began writing before we talked about all of this. The one I'm writing for you will be up tonight and it's a One Shot. Do you want me to write you a fanfic too? Because I would love to. ^~^
1d5sossupernatural2 1d5sossupernatural2 Nov 15, 2014
Is this the one you're writing for mmmeeeee??? (This is my actual account -Effie)