And I Hope That You'll Remember Me (SPN Fanfic)

And I Hope That You'll Remember Me (SPN Fanfic)

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Casti3l By _casti3l_ Completed

Alex lives a crappy life. And she know that. But in the blink of an eye, everything changes. She suddenly finds herself in a new world, a world of demons, monsters, angels, and, of course, hunters. With a head full of knowledge and no experience, can Alex survive the lifestyle of a Winchester? 

Supernatural fanfiction. Starts as season 3.

UPDATE: This story will be rewritten and filled out in the near future because I cringe whenever I read this now. Hopefully it'll look more like its sequels quality-wise.

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I just heard the word 'Spoilers' in River Song's voice from Doctor Who.
ShilohLOL ShilohLOL Sep 15
This seems alot different from the last time I read it, are you changing it up?
MoxMetxl MoxMetxl Dec 26, 2016
That's as bad as Dean freaking out about someone stealing his car 😂😂😂
MoxMetxl MoxMetxl Dec 27, 2016
Did you base this off the one episode where the guy was writing their story like a script or novel???
MoxMetxl MoxMetxl Dec 26, 2016
I'd honestly pay Sam and Dean to hit me with the impala ((I'm such trash wth 😂😂😂))
windboi windboi Jul 17, 2016
Oh I've read this story (and I'm reading the next part) on but it's nice to find it here too I guess