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Crazy Six by egirl165
Crazy Sixby egirl165
Six is the youngest Winchester and, in her opinion, the most well adjusted one. She is sarcastic, mouthy, and can't seem to stop befriending the things her brothers...
Running with the wolves (Supernatural x Wolfblood) BOOK 1 by ForfatterenLine
Running with the wolves ( ForfatterenLine
Leona was not like your average girl. She was running away but what happens when she runs into two of the most infamous hunters? Best rankings #1 - Jaredpadalecki (01/1...
The Clone by Lone-wolf-fanfics
The Cloneby Lone-wolf-fanfics
After her recent break up with Dean Winchester Sara Stark returns to her brother for comfort. Staying at the Avengers' tower she finds herself drawn to Bucky Barnes who...
I'll protect you by Hunter-queen88
I'll protect youby Hunter-queen88
Harry and Draco were sent off to Bobby Singer the hunter for protecting from Albus the real leader and the dark lord. Dean and Sam needed Bobby's help with a hunt so th...
Bobby's Adopted Daughter  by Castiels_Bumble_Bee
Bobby's Adopted Daughter by Castiel's_Honey_Bee
Maximum Singer has had stranger powers since she was young, and the only person who knew was her best friend, Sam Winchester. What will she do when she finally figures o...
Fallen- Castiel Fanfiction by ToxicWinchester
Fallen- Castiel Fanfictionby ToxicWinchester
Madison Winchester, the middle child of her siblings, is destined to play a role in the apocalypse just like her brothers. She's been in the family business all her life...
Supernatural Imagines by kayla_dodge
Supernatural Imaginesby Moon McCall
✨REQUEST CLOSED! If you would like one you can directly message me or leave a comment who you would like, happy or sad, and or a little story plot. I hope you enjoy read...
Supernatural BSM DDM; SSM MDM by RiannaBurgdorf2019
Supernatural BSM DDM; SSM MDMby Rianna lynn
DDM: -Sam -dean -cas -Gabriel -Bobby -Crowley BSM: -Winchester boys -cas -Gabriel -Crowley Requests are open. Updates are slow due too wifi errors. Sorry, but hopefull...
Wanted by PrincesJasmine143
Wantedby Lucifer's Left Hand Demon
John Winchester comes to six month baby girl rescue from Azazel, who John thinks is any normal child but actually is half demon and half angel. Follow the life of Mikayl...
I Don't Need You by defleppardfan13
I Don't Need Youby Marissa Ross
Oc is trained by Bobby Singer to independently hunt on her own. However, an interest in the Winchester boys may make for her demise.
Supernatural watch the future by johnsonjulia
Supernatural watch the futureby johnsonjulia
Characters from the show watch their future. It's not going to be like other stories where they make you watch season by season. This is just clips so they can see all t...
Beast in my Bones || Sam Winchester || by Wham_Bam_Sam
Beast in my Bones || Sam Wham_Bam_Sam
❝You're a demon.❞ ❝And you're not entirely human.❞ ❴ SEASON 1 - ONGOING ❵ All her life, I...
𝐆𝐄𝐍𝐄𝐒𝐈𝐒¹by venus
❝Wherever 𝙨𝙝𝙚 goes 𝙙𝙚𝙖𝙩𝙝 follows❞ •••••In which Diana Russo and Dean Winchester fall in love, whilst fighting the supernatural and searching for their f...
Supernatural Series Rewrite- Season 4 by queenofdeansbooty
Supernatural Series Rewrite- qυeenoғdeanѕвooтy
Now that Dean is back from Hell, you and the brothers have to deal with the consequences. It doesn't help that Sam has taken advice from Ruby. All you can focus on is st...
Not on my watch by LondonRiver16
Not on my watchby LondonRiver16
When he opened the Impala, he allowed himself a moment to observe how Sam had messed it up and he sighed, dejected: his brother was soaked to the skin from head to toe...
Being Different (D.Winchester) by Gerlithequeen
Being Different (D.Winchester)by Gerli
Book 1 " Everybody has gone through something that has changed them in a way that they could never go back to the person they were once before." Elena Singer i...
Back to the shadows | Dean Winchester [2] by courtneybunny2
Back to the shadows | Dean Courtneybunny2
Book two in that back to you series. Read book one, "Back to believing", if you don't none of this is going to make sense. After everything that happened with...
Supernatural II: Resurgence (Dean Winchester x Female!Reader) by LayceJ25
Supernatural II: Resurgence ( RJ
It has been 8 years since the fated battle between Michael and Lucifer, that ended with Sam dragging both them, Adam, and himself into hell. Dean and (y/n) has kept thei...
Lost and Found- Sam Winchester by theonewithfanfiction
Lost and Found- Sam Winchesterby mikayla
-when you get lost, you can always be found. just know you're not alone, im gonna make this place your home-
Seeing Blind by TheQuietHufflepuff
Seeing Blindby TheQuietHufflepuff
She should have died. But instead, a green-eyed man saved her. Alana Thomas and Dean Winchester begin hunting together. He's her sight and she's his tuned hearing. Toge...