Just one more night [Dramione]

Just one more night [Dramione]

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" Would you watch me die tonight, or die yourself?" Hermione asked with fear in her eyes. 

" I'd rather die than not fight by your side tonight."

Theme song, One more night by Maroon 5.

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If Luna. Gets drunk and acts normal, that would be life 😂
I love how loads of people are just like, "aren't you a bītch" and I'm like, "just take him already!"
Dorks 😂😂. I want friends like them........................ * sulking* I want to have friends
G. There are 2 g's in going.
                              Sorry but that was really annoying me
Galaxy1113 Galaxy1113 May 10
Hermione and sexy in one sentence, understandable. 
                              But LUNA and GINNY with the word sexy...now that's quite hard to imagine. I see them as child-like, innocent-looking angels. 
                              Eh but the last fanfic I came from DID have Ginny do some pretty *forbidden* things (aka incest with Ron) 
You are gonna wake up in Draco's room and remember every bit