Just one more night [Dramione]

Just one more night [Dramione]

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" Would you watch me die tonight, or die yourself?" Hermione asked with fear in her eyes. 

" I'd rather die than not fight by your side tonight."

Theme song, One more night by Maroon 5.

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Guys it's probably just a polyjuice potion or something.....I hope
If you dont want that to happen just don't get drunk.... easy
But like Hermione has quite frizzy hair so if she brushed it, it would not be “sexy”. Like my hair is like that and it defies gravity when I brush it...
Littlesweetchoco Littlesweetchoco Aug 28, 2017
I love how loads of people are just like, "aren't you a bītch" and I'm like, "just take him already!"
trashyduckling trashyduckling Sep 17, 2017
You are gonna wake up in Draco's room and remember every bit
ChloeBrax10 ChloeBrax10 Jan 26
Luna, Lina Lovegood,GETS DRUNK?!? Pfft like that would happen